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Thuma mina

This week I went to the Mandela Lecture at the Wanderers stadium in Johannesburg. The lecture was given by former American President Barack Obama. Everyone in South Africa tried to get tickets and we were lucky because my mum got us tickets to the event because she knew someone at the Nelson Mandela Foundation. At […]


Burgers and the laws of physics

It is the school holidays. In previous holidays I have been very bored and have had nothing to do except lounge around and watch movies on the sofa and play Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Psttt. By the way I finished the game. So, I said to my parents ‘this time it is going to be different.’ […]


Fire wings and ice rides

I do latin dancing and my first partner was Phemelo Kgotle. Sadly, she moved to East London so we don’t dance together anymore but she came back for a visit and her mum took us to the movies at Menlyn Park Pretoria. It was the best day ever. Before we even got to the movies […]


Fossils and Chinese takeaways

I was recently reading about Austrolopithecus Sediba for school. This was a species of ancient hominid (that is a non-human primate that came before humans in evolution) that is about 2 million years old. It was found as a fossil in 2008. It was found in the Malapa Cave at the Cradle of Humankind by […]


Foodie fun at the Soweto Eat In

I went to the Slow Food Johannesburg’s Soweto Eat In. It was at the Soweto Theatre. The Soweto Eat In is a food festival that is held once a year where they host all sorts of different farmers and chefs. They do it to show how nice South African food is. Each year they get […]


Noodles for the Birthday boy

It was my dad’s birthday on April 18th. I didn’t have a lot of money left from my pocket money. I actually owe money because I bought two Nerf guns. I am not sorry I bought two because they are great for having epic fights when friends come to my house. They shoot really far. […]

Product review

Lovely lemon cakes

A nice lady called Sonel Venter read my blog and found out that I love lemon. She is a baker from a company called Tostato. She gave me a box with 4 lemon pound cakes in it. They were lemonicious. I had never had lemon pound cake before. I thought that they were very tasty. […]


Wakanda comes to Epicure

I love the movie Black Panther. I have seen it twice. The first time with my friend Natasha Ramodisa was about a month ago when it first came out and then last week I begged my mum to take me again. This is not even a lot. My friend Dumi has seen it 3 times. […]