Magical Maqoma

I went to the Market Theatre in Johannesburg to watch a dance show called Exit/Exist. It was the story of Chief Jongumsobomvu Maqoma an 19th century Xhosa military commander who fought against the British when they tried to take his land and his cattle. He died on Robben Island prison. The dancer was Chief Maqoma’s […]

Product review


For people who don’t know about Fortnite Battle Royale I have written a quick introduction. If you don’t like Fortnite don’t worry we will get onto why this is actually a blog about food and travel very quickly but you do need to know a little bit. If you do like Fortnite you are my […]


Sushi sensation

Last week I had to do a project for school about the sun. So, I did all the usual science stuff –  layers of the sun, chemical composition etc, etc – and then I did a section on different myths about how the sun came into existence from all around the world. My favourite story […]


Delicious Duck in Chinatown

This weekend was the first weekend of the school holidays so we decided to go to Chinatown in Cyrildene, Johannesburg to have some lunch. . When we got to Chinatown we couldn’t decide where to have lunch so we looked through all of the windows and one of the restaurants had ducks hanging in the […]


Pasta perfection

This weekend me and my friend Thuto went to a cooking class at the Prue Letih Chefs Academy in Centurion. The class was about pasta making. I was excited and curious because I have made pasta before but I wanted to learn how to do it better. In the car on way to the class […]


Goodness gracious Greek

Last week I went with my parents to a new restaurant called as Greek as it Gets in Menlo Park in Pretoria. The chef who is in charge is called Stavros. I know him because he also has a restaurant in a place called Cullinan that I have been to before.  I haven’t been to […]