This Friday I went somewhere for lunch that if you are an old follower you will remember as being somewhere that I loved a lot. So much that about a year and a half ago I wrote a blog about it!  This place that I am talking about is called BICCCS. I loved this place […]

Product review

KitKat musical taste test

I am a fan of KitKat. They are so tasty and I like the snap of the bar as it is broken. Recently KitKat wrappers have become quite interesting. The chocolate inside the packet is the same but they have made different outsides so there are KitKats that say “Hello” in each South African language. […]

North West

December dancing

For the past three or four months I have been training very hard at ballet because there has been a performance coming up. Well, last Saturday was that exact performance and I am going to tell you about it and where we all went after the show. The show was created by my ballet teacher […]

North West, Recipes

Monday night brownies

I have been making a lot of things recently. On Mondays each week it is my job to make supper. Most of the things I have been making have come from a book called Meals by Christine Capendale. Last week I made Asian beef and broccoli noodles which were really nice and also for dessert […]

North West

Roadhouse Rugby

This weekend was the Rugby world Cup Finals as I’m sure a lot of you will know. At my school it has been weeks of teachers making us dress up in rugby shirts and build models of rugby stadiums. Now finally there was going to be a conclusion. South Africa was facing England in the […]

North West

Thai and a taste of history

I go to Zulu lessons every Tuesday after school. The class starts at 3.45pm and I get out of school at 2pm so before class my mum takes me to the Thai restaurant near my school.  It is called Hong Far. It is a very cool place because you can go into a big marquee […]


Fossils and flames

This weekend I went to Limpopo. I have been looking forward to it for a while because I went there a while ago and it was really fun. The car on the way to Limpopo was quite crowded because we gave a lift to two friends called Betty and Rapholo Ramodisa who wanted to go […]


Tasty Tiki

This weekend I went to a place called the Tiny Tiki Bar in Melville, Johannesburg. It was quite hard to get to the Tiny Tiki Bar because there was a big walking event called the 702 Walk the Talk happening on that day and there was a lot, lot, lot of traffic. While we were […]