Sushi sensation

Last week I had to do a project for school about the sun. So, I did all the usual science stuff –  layers of the sun, chemical composition etc, etc – and then I did a section on different myths about how the sun came into existence from all around the world. My favourite story […]


Delicious Duck in Chinatown

This weekend was the first weekend of the school holidays so we decided to go to Chinatown in Cyrildene, Johannesburg to have some lunch. . When we got to Chinatown we couldn’t decide where to have lunch so we looked through all of the windows and one of the restaurants had ducks hanging in the […]


Pasta perfection

This weekend me and my friend Thuto went to a cooking class at the Prue Letih Chefs Academy in Centurion. The class was about pasta making. I was excited and curious because I have made pasta before but I wanted to learn how to do it better. In the car on way to the class […]


Goodness gracious Greek

Last week I went with my parents to a new restaurant called as Greek as it Gets in Menlo Park in Pretoria. The chef who is in charge is called Stavros. I know him because he also has a restaurant in a place called Cullinan that I have been to before.  I haven’t been to […]


Virtual Reality Returns

  I wrote once before about going to Blue Ocean Virtual Reality Centre in Bedfordview, Johannesburg. So you already know that it is very cool there. But guess what?!! This time was even better. My dad got me a few sessions as a present. When I am an adult I want to design computer games […]


Heaven with Perfect Pancakes

  It was the week before the school holidays started. It was so hot. My mum picked me up from school and took me on an adventure. We went in search of something that I had heard rumors of and wanted to visit for a long time. We weren’t exactly sure where we were going […]

North West

Ant Man and the Mealies

It is summer so mealies are in fashion. In Hartbeespoort there is a man who sells mealies by the side of the road from the back of a bakkie. And they are wonderful. They are not the yellow sweet corn mealies that you buy at the shops. People call these ones green mealies. They are […]