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Exams are over! Bring on the pizza…

Over the last two weeks I have been doing exams. I have done exams before but never exams in covid lock down. Let’s just say that they are a bit different or should I say a lot differently because they were done online. Every day we had a new one to do on the computer. We had to keep the camera on so that an invigilator at school could check we weren’t cheating.

Luckily my mum was very kind and got me a box full of sweets and other treats so that when I was feeling like I wouldn’t survive I could dip in. Little packets of Haribo fizzy colas were my major life savers!

Haribos to the rescue

For my revision I made a to do list of what revision had to happen for each day and stuck it to the wall above my desk. My only joy was taking he paper to do list off the wall at the end of each day. 

I did well but the studying, testing and revising was terrible I never want to do it again but unfortunately I do not get that luxury. Apparently I have to do this twice a year and every year until the end of high school! I only survived this time on Grandpa headache pills and my sweet box. I am not sure if there will be enough Haribo fizzy colas in the world to see me through to matric! At the moment there are none left in the supermarket – my mum says that she bought every one for me and because of covid they have not imported any more! 

It was two weeks of agony and it was tough but the good news is that it is finally over. I am now on holiday. Hooray! Holidays feel a bit different when you havent been actually going to school – it kind of just feels all the same. I have gotten used to being at home so in a way it feels less special.

The good news is that there is something to make it feel special even in this weird time. There is a puzzle that will lead to the reveal of the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. This is a game. We dont’ know anything about it yet – it is yet to be revealed. The way it is being revealed is through puzzles that are sent to famous Call of Duty You Tubers. This part we dont do we just watch and once it has been revealed we will all be able to play. The puzzles are leading to the  reveal of the game. Everyone got their crate and it had a projector in with different slides and a manifest. So they had to play the slides and certain pictures were layouts of a multiplayer map that was in the last game (Black Ops 4) then there had been an update where one of the graphs in the map had been changed and it matched some of the symbols were indicated by the slides. And then there were clocks on the wall and with their manifest they had to decode word patterns by combining the slide layout and the numbers on the wall. Then this all lead to a saying which was ‘Bish you were here’ (not wish, bish with a b) and then that led to the famous chess game between Boris Spaski and Bobby Fischer and then that led to a web site and we are waiting for the next puzzle. I am very excited by all this as you can probably tell.

This stuff is for YouTubers and I have just been watching them do their stuff but I have also been playing a lot of Call of Duty Zombies mode. I have been playing a lot of one of my new favourite maps: Shadows Of Evil. I have been having a lot of fun trying to figure out all of the small mysteries within the map. I’ve been having a lot of fun with that.

The other good news is pizza. Two days ago my mum went to collect olive oil from one of my favourite restaurants called BICCCS. If you read my blog you will know that BICCCS make great pizza.

‘Can I have some?”

She only went for the oil but she decided to bring me back a pizza. If you know me at all you know that I love my pizza’s and especially Fortunato’s famous pizzas.

Baby Chum Chum wants some too!

When she came back I knew exactly how I would be eating it. On the sofa, kickin’ back. Yum! She also brought back some great bread and sausages.


One more interesting that I have to say is that I have been doing my best to train our new puppy Tilly. She is very mischievous so it has been hard but I’m having fun doing it. She is actually quite clever and learns quite fast. So far Tilly can come to her name and she will return a ball (kind of).

“Are you proud?”

That is basically what has been happening with me for the past weeks. I hope you’re doing well.

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