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Space cocktails

I am sorry that I haven’t been writing much recently. The problem with living in lockdown is that not very much happens to you. That is if you are lucky. I am sure that you are aware that horrible things are happening but so far I have been lucky. I haven’t gone back to school because the corona is still out there.  I just been doing my work at home. I have been playing with my new puppy Tilly aka Tillerroo . Tilly’s full name is actually Tilly Jackson. Tilly Jackson is a character in my favourite game Red Dead Redemption 2. Tilly Jackson is a gang member who is a good thief. She gets kidnapped but you rescue her. In the epilogue she marries a rich lawyer and has a nice life. My Tilly is a beautiful italian greyhound puppy.

Tilly with a very suspicious Frank.

She is very unlike our big dog “Frank”. He is quite a grouchy pooch. He is an old dog with a very bony back which when he gets pounced on by Tilly he growls because it is sore.  Tilly very much enjoys killing slippers for fun. A few days ago a white fluffy chicken just arrived out of nowhere in our garden. I have taken to naming him Chimken.

Chimken just chillin’

Tilly likes to chase him but he doesn’t lie to be chased. We don’t know where he came from but he seems to think that he lives with us.  I have been playing a lot of zombies because I am obsessed. I got to my highest round ever on a zombies map which was round 50.  The highest round anyone has gotten to is round   9072 on a glitched map.

Zombie zone

I have also been reading The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. I have been enjoying it very much because it is funny and plays with wacky space ideas. It is funny. It is quite wordy by which i mean the sentences are quite long and some of the words are quite hard to read. Especially the made up super spacey ones. You have to read it in quite small doses – like 10 pages maximum because otherwise your brain gets tired of all of the words.  

One of the things I think I have been enjoying about it is that it is so unlike everything I have read in the past. Books that I have read have either been extremely serious or extremely sad. This year I have done a lot of sad books. Such as The Diary of Anne Frank and The Kite Runner  and The Fault In Our Stars. Sad, Sad and more sad. Good but sad. With The Hitchhikers Guide I have enjoyed this breath of fresh air.

Last night we all listened to the President because he made a new announcement about COVID-19. There has been a big rise in cases and so he said that a lot of injuries are alcohol related and we need all the hospital beds for people with COVID so he has decided to bring back the alcohol ban. With immediate effect. My parents have very little alcohol left in the house. They werent expecting this. Which is stupid because my dad had been talking to his friend Michelle and she told him it was going to be banned. She bought alcohol but he didnt listen and now he has none. Oof moment. Big time. Why didnt he listen? Michelle knows all.

He has been making ginger beer but not very much so he is going to have to step up production. Most of his ginger beer works well but sometimes it explodes and he’s really cross.

OH NO!!!
Look it hit the roof

He has special Champagne yeast that is super powerful to make it more alcoholic than normal yeast but he is worried he will run out. This makes him bad tempered.

I decided to do a space ginger beer project to try and cheer him up. I had some pop rocks in the house because we bought them long ago for school lunches and then there were no school lunches so they just sat there. You know pop rocks they are those sweets that go pop in your mouth.

poppety pop…

I am sure most people know them. I decided to make them rims for the edge of glasses and then put ginger beer into those glasses as a way of making space style ginger beer.

My dad was quite happy about that. The drink is already a bit fizzy but with the pop rocks on the edge of the glass it was like blasting into space but in your mouth. 10, 9, 8, 7 , 6 , 5, 4, 3 … 2 … 1 We have ginger beer lift off.

“sleep tight Tilly”

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