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Trip to Korea

I am sorry that I haven’t been posting that much during the lock down. I just haven’t been anywhere or done anything that is worth a blog. I hope you understand.

This weekend I decided to take a trip to Korea. Just joking, we are still in lock down and can’t go anywhere but I decided to make something from Korea. I did a school project where we had to write about different ways that different countries were trying to stop COVID-19 and South Korea was one of the countries that I looked at. That made me remember that I have a Korean comic book that is also a cookbook. So I have been reading it. I love the illustrations and I am addicted to the recipes in the book.  The book is called Cook Korean! and it is by Robin Ha.

I decided to make the Soy Garlic Beef or as it’s called in Korean Bulgagi Dupbap . If you want to make this recipe just follow the steps in the picture below.

Oh how delicious

The first step was to make the marinade. The marinade was made with onion, garlic, ginger and Kiwi. I didn’t have Kiwi so I decided to use lemon juice instead. I squeezed the lemon and chopped the onion. Then I had to blended the onion, lemon, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil and pepper.

Me and my new jacket! It’s red!

I then had to let the marinade soak into some beef chunks for roughly four hours.

marinady hands

While I was waiting I washed up.

Extreme washing!!!

Then four hours later I heated it over a pan with heat. I then added yellow onion, green onion and mushrooms. I then let them cook them for a few more minutes.

Tasty but tough

The book said serve with rice but I didn’t have rice so I just ate it as it was. It was delicious. The marinade was amazing. It is very hard to describe. It was sweet but not too sweet, It was sour but not too sour. Just somehow perfect. I liked the flavour but the texture of the beef was a bit tough because I didn’t have the special type of thin shaved beef the book said I should use so the next night I decided to make the marinade again but this time I put it on pork steaks and after a few hours of marinating them I braaied the meat. I found that this worked better in my opinion.

Korean Marinade 2.0

I’d definitely make it again but I make it as a marinade rather than a sauce in a stir fry. I would recommend the marinade to anyone who is feeling bored in lock down and wants a trip to Korea.

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