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We have been in lockdown because of covid-19 for a month now and it has felt very different from everything that I am used to. We have been confined to our house and I have not been allowed to leave at all while my parents are only allowed to go out to get food. Even Frank the dog cannot go for a walk.

Everyone has been taking strain. Everyone has been stressed at times. I have felt stressed because sometimes I didn’t really understand how the homeschooling worked. At first the timetable really confused me and the teachers would get irritated if you asked on line. My dad has been worrying about the economy because he is an economist. He has been staying in study working and working and getting stuck in his thoughts. Frank and the cat Baby Chum Chum have been worried because they can sense that there is worrysomeness in the house. Baby Chum Chum has been catching many more mice and rats than usual and irritating my mum by sleeping on her head which she hates. At first Frank was pleased that everyone was at home but now he seems to sense something is wrong and he is sleeping in my bed all the time and wants to be with me all the time. He cries if you are not with him.

A very full bed…

The monkeys in our garden have been stealing our stuff. Especially the bananas. Frank doesn’t even bark he just looks at them thinking ‘how rude’.

But we have all seemed to get used to it a lot of the time and then sometimes we are not used to it. As you know I have been trying to go travelling in my head because I am travelkid but I can’t travel. So, today I am travelling in my mind and with food to a place I love a lot.

Now let me say that I love Durban. I love everything about it. I love the sea, the smell of salt in the air, all the sun, the food, the list goes on and on.

Remember when we used to go places?
Big thumbs up for Durban.

If anyone said you could live in Durban I would leave my family immediately. I certainly know that my mum would come with me. She also loves Durban. When I go to Durban I always eat a bunny chow.

For those of you that have forgotten, about a year and a half ago I went on a trip to Durban. When I was there I shared a lamb bunny chow with my mum and later a bean one. They were both delicious. It was really rich in flavour. I am not very, very good with hot stuff but I am not bad with it and this wasn’t too burny. The bread round the outside was like a protective barrier that helped protect from the heat. I remember we sat by the pool at the SunCoast Hotel and shared the bean bunny chow.  It was lovely. Utterly fantastic. It’s been a year and a half and I still remember that aspect of it. That’s how much I liked it.

Bunny chowlicious

I can’t go to Durban at the moment but I found some bunny chow flavoured chips my mother had bought before lockdown and hid in a cupboard. It was as if she had predicted that there would be a worldwide pandemic and we would need them. Mother psychic?

So today I decided to see if bunny chow flavored chips can transport you to Durban.


They say on the packet that they are flavoured like bunny chow but I decided to do see if they really did taste as they said. Are they good enough to take you on a journey to Durban?

I tasted the chips. The first taste is tingly and then once you let that rest for a few seconds it gets hot. If you keep just putting more and more in your mouth that heat is all you get but if you stop and think – which is very hard with chippies – you get a spice taste that is quite like a Durban spice.

the taste test begins.

There are 2 problems. First that chips are dry and curry is wet. So it is more like the filling to a potato samosa than a curry with sauce. Second it only tastes and feels like potatoes – the picture on the packet looks like chicken curry. There is no feeling of bread. It is a bit Durban but it is not a bunny chow but for what they were trying to do they did quite well. It wasn’t exactly right but it wasn’t bad. I think they should rebrand as potato samosa chips because that would be more accurate. I like potato samosas so I would buy those flavour chips. I would probably give them an 8.2 out of 10. It is not bad.   In a small way it did take me to Durban. For my next blog I will make a curry and see if that works better but I will need to wait until it’s time for my parents to go shopping again to get ingredients.

and baby chum chum liked them too.

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  1. I agree, a mutton or beans bunny chow is a good replacement for worrying! That bunny looks so yummy that I feel like having one right now, but alas I’m in Cape Town.

  2. Nice one dude. Durban is also my favourite place to go travel mostly because some of my favourite people in the world live there and i always laugh a lot and have great conversations and get up to fun things…

    Cool how words and pictures can let you travel even when you are staying at home
    love brett fish

  3. Ah, nothing like a good Bunny from Durbs!
    I feel for your dad – I find myself disappearing into my own thoughts in my study too often.

    Keep writing, Josiah – I cannot stress enough how valuable it is in life to be able to express yourself well in both spoken and written word.

    Enjoy those chips!

    • Thank you for reading my blog. I have now eaten all the chips we had. It is very sad. Love Josiah

  4. Thanks for sharing about your household during this time of lockdown Josiah – I almost felt I had been there! And glad you could ALMOST get a feel of being in Durban with your Chips.

  5. It’s amazing what the mind can do, hey Jos. It can take you to places you want and places you’ve never been. So I guess lockdown is only a state of mind. We are free to experience life, except for the taste of bunny chow of course. I love this blog.

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