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The KFC Challenge

My school has closed because of covid-19. They want us to stay at home so the disease doesn’t spread. It is very serious disease and the President is trying to keep South Africa healthy. I like staying at home. I have been reading the Hobbit and playing lots of Fortnite and doing my kumon. Yesterday I saw on YouTube that KFC has been forced to suspend the use of their famous slogan “it’s finger licking good” because of the virus.   If you think about it licking your fingers would probably be the worst thing you could do right now. The slogan has been in use for over 60 years.  That made me want to have some KFC. I love KFC zinger wings. It made me think can you eat KFC without licking fingers? Is it even possible?

I decided to see how long I could last eating KFC zinger wings without licking my fingers. I asked my mum to go to the nearest  KFC. I had persuaded her to get me a bucket which is 24 wings. She said I had to share with her and my dad who is also at home at the moment.  She said that when she got there she went to the drive-thru and it was packed. It was empty inside KFC and packed on the outside. Nobody wanted to go inside to get their food – maybe they thought they would get sick if they went inside and would be safe inside their car. When she got to the front of the drive-thru queue she asked for the 24 wings was surprised to find out that 24 wings was no longer available. The highest portion that you can have is 10 because so many people are wanting wings that they have to ration them. When she came back I was a bit disappointed but still glad to get what was available. But, never mind. On to the challenge!

Let the games begin

I decided to set a stopwatch to see how long I could go eating wings without licking fingers.  My dad was the official time keeper and photographer.

On your marks, get, set Go!

As soon as I bit into the first bit chicken it was delicious and the temptation was strong. My fingers were getting crumbs of zinger wing on them but I said I will not lose this early on.

The fingers are tingling and tasty

That’s what I said for the second one and the third one until the fourth one dawned upon me. I thought my dad was getting bored and he might not notice  … I was wrong.

Caught in the act

As soon as I had licked a tiny bit of one finger I was caught and the timer was stopped. It was all just a blur, I almost made it to 5 minutes! It felt as if it was only a split-second but alas I was caught and rightfully caught and that was it. See below for how long it took for me to take a lick.

Tick tick tick!

I don’ t think anyone could do better and make it any longer than I did. It is very tempting. This is an activity I would recommend to people who are staying at home and staying safe.

The aftermath

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