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Top Chippies and Tests

I am sorry that this is a short blog and I am also sorry that this month I haven’t posted so far. Apologies all round. The truth is that I have been very busy grade seveninging. Every week this month I have had a test that I have had to do. First English, then maths, then natural science, then social science. For my latest one (social science) I got 96%!

Hot stuff!

Now I am studying for my technology test. Every time I study my mum takes me to a place other than home so that there is no distractions and I can work without being bothered. If we go home my electronics bother me or should I say I bother them!  Today I was practicing for my technology exam and I had just got my great social science mark back so my mum took me someplace new and quite special. Next to my school there is a mall where inside there is a really good Portuguese and Mozambican restaurant. The place is called Vela.

I was swotting for my test and I thought I was hungry. I also wanted not to have to start swotting so I decided to have Piri Piri chicken with chips.


I was shocked! It had to have been the best chicken that I have ever had, and I’ve had a lot of good chicken in my time. It was so deliciously lemony and a little bit of chili in all the right places. And it was big! A whole chicken! The chips were also really interesting. They weren’t shaped like long fries. They were shaped like circles.

Cut cut yum yum!

This was very cool and funky to me because I have only ever seen long shaped fries. I think that the shape let the chef get them nice and crisp. I am always interested by chips. I am interested by their taste and shape. I have been thinking about doing a blog about ranking all of the chips I have eaten throughout the course of my blog career. These Vela chips would definitely be in the top 5. Maybe even in the top 3.  Watch this space. List of South Africa’s best chips coming soon.

Then I went home and gave my dog Frank the chicken bones which he enjoyed! I would recommend Vela to anyone who needs to study for a test and anyone who likes funky shaped chips!

“Sniff Sniff , mmmm” says Frank

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  1. Well done on your test Jos. How lucky are you to be taken out every time you have a test. I must ask your mom to adopt me. You make me miss Harties. Can we go to Vela next time we are in Harties?

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