This Friday I went somewhere for lunch that if you are an old follower you will remember as being somewhere that I loved a lot. So much that about a year and a half ago I wrote a blog about it!  This place that I am talking about is called BICCCS. I loved this place for its pizza, its ice-cream, its limonata drinks and much, much more. I used to go after I had been the orthodontist when I had to have my braces check-up.

The good news is I don’t have braces anymore. The bad news is that quite a while ago that BICCCS (which was in Waterkloof, Pretoria) closed down and I was so sad to see my special place go. Thankfully there is more good news because I can say that BICCCS is back and it’s better than ever.

I went with my mum to the new and improved BICCCS in the Brooklyn Bridge centre. It is still run by chef Fortunato Mazzone and all the old gang that still remember me even though I have grown a lot according to them. This BICCCS is in a better location than the old one because it is a lot bigger.

Bigger and better BICCCS.

I went with one thought on my mind. I NEED a pizza. And a pizza is what I got. For those who don’t know Chef Fortunato makes the best pizza.

When we got there, I saw some T-posing statues and I thought “ok this is great”.  I posed with them. For people who are boomers and don’t know what T-posing is it is the default stance that all character models in video games go through. It became a meme to mean that you are asserting your dominance over others. 

I see no god up here. Except me!

There were other things on the menu but I knew I had to get a pizza so that is what I ordered. I ordered a Regina pizza with added olives. This is my pizza as I’m sure you already know. I also had to have an orange soda.

Hello there old friend!

While I was waiting I looked around to see how things have changed between venues. They still have ice cream *phew*.  They now have a full bistro menu which I thought looked very cool. Although I had to have a pizza for old time sake. Definitely next time I go I need to have something from the bistro menu.

This is home!

My pizza arrived at the table and as soon as I took a bite I though “this is home!”. I said to my mum that if she wanted a slice she should take it now because when she looked at the plate again all of it would be gone! I had a full pizza because I am pizza-holic but I noticed on the menu that you can also order just one slice if you are hungry for pizza but not very hungry.

After a full pizza my mum asked whether we should share a pasteis de nata. I quickly said “yes”. I remembered how good they were. My memory did not deceive me – it was Pasteis de natalicious. It was gone in two seconds. I need another one now. They are delicious!

Perfect end to a perfect lunch!

I would recommend Bicccs 2.0 to anyone who likes bread, ice-cream, cake, coffee croissant (Bicccs) and also people who like T-posing.  I am definitely going to go back for more.

Delicious it is! Home I am! Back I will come! -Yoda 2020
Me and chef Fortunato Mazzone

BICCCS Brooklyn Bridge; shop 2, Brooklyn Bridge, 511 Fehrsen Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria.

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