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Munching at the Mount Nelson

I spent a week in Cape Town with my mum, my grandmother, my uncle Joe and my cousin Alexandra who is 4 years old. We stayed in a holiday cottage by the sea in a place called Kalk Bay.

We mostly swam and lay on the bed watching YouTube but we did do some other stuff too.


I went to Star Wars Rise of Skywalker and the Aquarium.

Fishy fun!

On one day my mum, Alexandra and I went somewhere very interesting. We went to the Mount Nelson hotel for high tea! We went from our small cottage to the center of Cape Town. After multiple questions of ‘are we there yet?’ from Alexandra we arrived at the Mount Nelson. Me and Alexandra both marveled at the salmon pink walls of the beautiful building and the giant palm trees that stretched all the way up the long drive way entrance. Alexandra said it was like a palace for a princess which is her highest praise.

Then we went to find parking and once that was done Alexandra jumped out of the car in excitement. We all went into the beautiful building to see incredible things on the inside. As we went to our table we walked past multiple amazing and delicious looking treats.

cousins looking at cakes

You could sit inside or out but Alexandra thought that sitting outside would be best so we followed her. Outside there was a beautiful splashy fountain and old oak trees. But enough of the scenery, onto the tea!

There was a menu of all the teas, some sounding extremely strange. I chose a tea was called Jasmin Dragon Phoenix Pearls and it really was fantastic. It came in a glass teapot and was like curled up flower buds that opened when hot water was poured on them. I was nervous that I might not like it – I chose it because I liked the name – but I did like it so that was fine. It tasted almost like gentle herbs in a cool forest.

Tasty tea

Then the savoury foods came and I had a great deal of them. There was two of everything. There was, smoked salmon sandwiches, small roast beef sandwiches and onion bhajies which are like little fried heavens.


I loved the onion bhajies the best but it was all nice. Then next came the scone part of high tea. Scones came with jam, cream and cheese. I was a big fan of all of this but Alexandra didn’t really want to waste time on the scones so she said she just wanted a plate of strawberry jam and she ate it with a spoon.

It was then when Alexandra had an idea: Lets have races! So that is what we did. On the lawns we had races between each other and me and my mum got tired far quicker than she did. And she longed for more races.


But then we went back to our table because it was time for the cakes.

The cool thing about the cakes is that they’re laid out inside so you can have as much as you want. I went for some fruit, some macaroons and a slice lemon tart. Alexandra had lots of strawberries and some chocolate cake. It was all very tasty.

Then we went and explored the grounds and found a large swimming pool. This was very exciting to Alexandra. She wanted to get in but we explained two things. One: we didn’t have our swimming costume and two: the pool is only available to residents of the hotel. We explained that it was probably time to go but she started to cry and said that this was not the best idea! We went home but my mum, promised her that they would get her nails done and she agreed that that would be fair. So the next day they went to Sorbet and she had her hands and toes painted in her favourite colours – purple and pink and silver. 


I would recommend the Mount Nelson to anyone who likes tea and onion bhajies and lemon tart and timed lap races!

Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel; 76 Orange St, Gardens, Cape Town. 021 483 1000


Daily, 2 sittings (1-3 and 3-5pm)
Dress: smart casual
R325 per adult, R230 per child

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  1. Hi Josiah
    Seasons greetings to you ,
    Thankyou for the heads up on the Mt Nelson,
    I like the sound of “little fried heavens “😋
    Next time you in Durban, you must try the High tea at the Oyster Box, that’s if you haven’t already 🤔
    Happy tasting Holidays

  2. I went to the cat birthday party st oyster box which was sort of like a giant high tea but not exacly the same. I like Durban sea which is warmer than cape town so I wish I could go there right away. Love josiah

  3. Wow Josiah, aren’t you getting big and tall…I can not believe how grown-up you are looking. Time is flying. And little Alexandra, is an absolute cutie! What a fun time you had. I definitely know what will be on my list when next I go to the Cape-thanks for inspiring this. All the very best and love to your folks, hope we will see you in KZN next year. Cheerio for now.

  4. So so happy your mom chose to take you and Alexandra to the pink palace – afternoon tea at The Nellie is like being in Wiily Wonka’s factory

    • we loved it so much. Alexandra lives in London and she says she is going to tell everyone at her nursery school that they have to go to the mount nelson for tea and cake. She had appeltizer and cake so maybe that.

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