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December dancing

For the past three or four months I have been training very hard at ballet because there has been a performance coming up. Well, last Saturday was that exact performance and I am going to tell you about it and where we all went after the show.

The show was created by my ballet teacher called Marriette Kloppers. The basic story of the show was that there is a jeweler who has customers who come to his shop and as the customer takes out each jewel to look at it the different jewels start to dance.

Amethyst gems waiting to go on stage.

There are all sorts of other stories along the way. For instance, there is a robber who tries to steal the jewels etc.

I was a jeweler. In the play I was an enormous coward when the robber came and I sent my assistant after him and she knocked him out. Then me and my assistant threw him out and the customers mother who at that point had been very reluctant to pay for the extremely expensive jewels gave her daughter her credit card. We all then decided that it was time for lunch and I closed the store.

The jeweler marching around.

In addition to my part as the jeweler I was also a Sapphire jewel. I wore the outfit that I wore last year to be a bluebird. If you look back at last year’s blog you will see it is now a bit short for me. I did a solo.

Me leaping to my full potential!

Then immediately after that I did a pas de deux (dance of two) with Welna (a girl in my class) where I had to do an amazing lift. Lifts are hard because they take a lot of strength but they are quite fun despite all of the hard work.

Up we go!
Down we go!
Round we go!

Then after doing a very, very quick change back into my jeweler outfit (2 minutes!!!) Clothes were flying as I ripped off one blue outfit and rushed to get back into my jeweler’s shirt and bow tie. I had to go back to being the jeweler and my customer bought the jewel and then went to a matric dance where she had an amazing time.

We then did a final scene all in white where we danced in white sparkly outfits with flashing lights. The white stood out against the dark background. This was a tribute to a dancer who had died.

Rest in peace.

Then after the performance we went to the V8 roadhouse! Forgive me I chose and I know I’ve already been here but I didn’t want to go anywhere too far.

What sorcery is this!

When we got there, it looked really cool in the moonlight. We decided to go into the back of the backie so that there was enough space for everyone. I had a toasted cheese and bacon sandwich because I was so tired that I didn’t want anything too heavy. I also had a side order of chips. This was just enough ton make me feel a lot less tired. My mum had a pizza and my dad had a burger. I liked her pizza but I thought that it had too many anchovies.

Sandwiches at last!
Pizza at last!

After the roadhouse that night I was very tired so I just slept in my clothes. In the morning I ate the leftover pizza for breakfast while I played Red Dead Redemption 2. I was doing horseman challenge 9 where I had to ride from Van Horn to Blackwater in under 19 minutes without touching water. It took me two goes but I did finally succeed.

*brain thinking intensifies*

I would recommend the V8 roadhouse to anyone who is tired from ballet and enjoys toasted sandwiches in the moonlight. And people who like playing Red Dead Redemption with pizza from last night.

So long and thanks for all the fish. Maybe fewer anchovies next time.

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