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Roadhouse Rugby

This weekend was the Rugby world Cup Finals as I’m sure a lot of you will know. At my school it has been weeks of teachers making us dress up in rugby shirts and build models of rugby stadiums. Now finally there was going to be a conclusion. South Africa was facing England in the final. There were a lot of memes going around.

In the Memetime.

One of the new things in town is a roadhouse that opened at the beginning of October. It is called the V8 Roadhouse and it has a giant tv screen all along one wall. They have been building it for years and we kept asking “when will it open?” Finally, finally it did last month.

Roadhouse indeed!

Since then I have been going past it on my way to other things and wishing that I could go inside. Somehow everyone kept saying “we must go” but we never got around to it. So, on Friday, when my dad said would I like to watch the match there I jumped at the idea. I was very excited to watch the match on such a VERY BIG SCREEN!

On Saturday we went to the roadhouse and I wasn’t surprised that other people had clearly also seen the massive size of the screen and decided that this would be a great place to watch the rugby. Luckily, we got a good spot just left of the middle where we could see the massive screen really well. Once we got there you could instantly see the excitement on the other peoples faces.

Excitement and a cool coke.

First, they started by singing the anthem. I sang too. I felt proud. Then the match began. It felt cool. Everyone was cheering. There were people in camping chairs in the back of their bakkies shouting and screaming. The waiters were keeping a keen eye on the rugby as they were serving they kept looking back at the screen and I was worried that they might drop the food but they were all good. Nothing fell.  

Now for the food. I decided to have a Regina pizza which if you don’t know is my preferred pizza toppings. It tasted really good and I was glad because bad pizza is something that makes me not like a place and the place was so cool, I really wanted to like it. I drank a Coke.


It was really fun to watch the game and by the end of those 80 minutes we beat England 12-32. I was really happy that we won and I could definitely tell the other people were happy too. All of the waiters came together in front of the screen and did a dance. Almost like a Zulu war dance. When the game was over we met a nice man called Jabu who was wearing a South African flag like a cape. It flapped like Superman. A very happy, South African superman.

African superman save me!

I would go back there right now if I could and I would recommend the Hartbeespoort V8 Roadhouse to anyone who likes giant TV’s and a good pizza and dancing waiters.

V8 Roadhouse: R27 Tielmann street, Hartbeespoort.

082 875 3642

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  1. This African Superman is very proud of this young man 😀Great writing skills I must add can’t wait for your novel Josiah. Thanks to Roadhouse and you guys we had a super joyful day #go_Bokke

      • Pleasure is mine, wishing you all the best keep writing man you got skills🙌 I’m a book worm myself I’ll be waiting your best selling novel 😉

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