Tasty Tiki

This weekend I went to a place called the Tiny Tiki Bar in Melville, Johannesburg. It was quite hard to get to the Tiny Tiki Bar because there was a big walking event called the 702 Walk the Talk happening on that day and there was a lot, lot, lot of traffic. While we were stuck in the slow traffic we went past a cemetery and saw a family in the cemetery trying to have a burial surrounded by hundreds of cars and walkers. I felt sorry for them.

Eventually we got to the Tiny Tiki Bar.

Through the doors we go!

I found that it is a place where you can get cocktails and mocktails. It has a Hawaiian theme in its décor so you feel sort of summery and a bit like you are going to the beach even though it was actually quite a cold day and the owner had put a heater next to our table.

Tropical Tiki for the win.

My mum ordered a real Zombie cocktail with rum in it for her and a fake Singapore Sling without alcohol for me but she let me have a sip or two or three of the Zombie. In Call of Duty the game there is a zombie mode where you fight to keep your brain intact. So I liked the idea of the zombie.

Slurp, embracing my inner call of duty.

I liked them both so much that it was hard to tell which was the nicest. I liked the more bitter taste that the Zombie had but I also liked the fruitiness of the non-alcoholic one.

It is a good place to be a person who likes cocktails but not a good place to be a pig because the owner told me that he has two passions in life; playing Fortnite and making bacon. Obviously, this makes him very cool. His menu has a lot of bacon on it. I had cinnamon French toast with bacon and eggs. My mum had the pork platter with rice and pineapple salsa.

My mum’s.

My mum’s friend Gwynne came too and she had a pancake stack with bacon. See what I mean? Pigs beware of Melville. It all tasted amazing.


To make the place even cooler there is a hairdresser right inside the bar so you can drink cocktails while having your hair cut.

I would recommend the Tiki Bar to people who like cocktails, haircuts and bacon. I would definitely go there again because the food and drinks tasted great. 

Follow these wise words.

Tiny Tiki Bar; Cnr 3rd Avenue and, 7th St, Melville, Johannesburg, 2092

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