Waking up early and helping the world

In the holidays I like to sleep late in the morning but on Friday I had to wake up quite early because I went to my dad’s place of work which is the Development Bank of South Africa. It is in Midrand.  I went there because there was an event which was held to make meals for hungry people. It wasn’t actually cooking. What we did was pack ingredients so that people could make meals at home. The company that organizes the event is called Rise and they are hoping to abolish world hunger by 2030. I found out that it is one of the Sustainable Development Goals decided by the United Nations. They go to different companies and get the people who work there to help. Our target at my dad’s work was to make 75,000 meal packs that day.  I was pleased to be a part of this event because the goal is a good one and I wanted to play my part. It felt good to be doing something good for the world.


I did this event last year as well so I knew what to do. There were shifts for different groups of people and we went straight in. I was given a hairnet and gloves and got to work.

75,000 meals coming up!

I was given the same job as I did last year. I had to fill the packets with a smaller packet and then my dad and two of his other colleagues filled those packets with soya and rice and other yummy things. I did that job for the whole of the first shift – which was 67 minutes long.

After the first shift we decided that we could keep going so my dad and I switched jobs. So this time I was pouring beans into the packet.

Only 74,999 meals to go.

By then I was quite tired and occasionally I had to be reminded to pour the soya.

Soya time.

After all that I was tired so my mum came and fetched me and took me away.

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