Dancing and a fear of heights

This weekend was very exciting. I started by going to a Latin American dance competition which was at the Civic Centre in Alberton. It was a lucky day. I danced amazingly. Everything came together really well. I knew in my bones that it was the best I have ever danced and the best that my partner, Arnolize and I have ever danced together. For some reason our age section got put together with a group of much older, more experienced dancers so we didn’t win but we came second which was amazing. I was really pleased. I like to win but I know it is more important to be getting better each time we dance and everyone said that we did – and also I could just tell that we had from the way the dancing felt – so I am very pleased.

Dance for life!

Then I went to an amazing hotel with my mum.  It was the Intercontinental in Sandton. Remember in my previous Magical Maqoma blog when we got confused and couldn’t find the hotel we were supposed to be at? And drove round and round saying ‘are we supposed to be staying here?’ Well, this time we really were staying at the first hotel that we thought it was last time. We double confirmed with the man at the desk after all of the drama of the first time.  

He said yes we were definitely staying at this hotel and then he amazed us by saying we were going to be in the penthouse! I was very excited. I pressed 27 on the lift buttons and up we went. Up and up and up and up.

Numbers fa nerds!

The hotel is so tall that my ears even started to pop as we went up in the lift because it is so high and the altitude changes! We looked and I don’t have a fear of heights but when I looked outside the elevator and I suddenly did.

No one push me!

When we got out of the lift we found a super fancy place just for penthouse people to check in. It was so smart. They had a tower of chocolates by check in. I limited myself to only two – which was really hard. We were given room 2756. I think this is going to be my lucky number from now on because it was so lucky. We opened the door and were delighted at the sight of our palace! There was a huge living room with a giant TV and a dining room with fruit and chocolates and cheeses and a kitchen with every appliance you would ever need and a bathroom with a gold loo paper holder.


AND THEN there was a staircase that went upstairs!

Fancy again!

A hotel room on two floors.

View of human below!

The second floor had a study with a printer and another bathroom with more gold fixtures and a special room just for ironing and a bedroom with another TV. Both floors had an amazing view.

I crashed on the bed and watched some BBC Lifestyle and admired the view and ate some more chocolates that I found by the bed.

This is the life – geddit

After a while I went downstairs with my mother and we went to the hotel’s Atrium Restaurant.

Decisions to be made

I decided to have a roasted pepper soup.

soup slurp juice (Fortnite joke)

For my main. I had grilled fillet with onion rings and chips and a pepper sauce I had never had pepper sauce before and it was GOOOOOOD. I am going to do a top ten list of all the chips and onion rings I have had and these are definitely going to make the list.


We were so full that we couldn’t even fit in a dessert so maybe we can go back another time for that. The whole meal was just a compilation of me saying MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. It was so good.

Of all the hotels I have been to in Johannesburg this one is my favourite so far I definitely would recommend it to anyone who likes penthouses and pepper sauce. I wouldn’t recommend it to people who are scared of heights because it is so high up.

Tra la la!

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  1. Huge congratulations to you and partner for brilliant dancing. As for the gold bog roll holder – Trump Tower, eat your heart out. As for the hotel, you literally lead the high life. So scary, so glam. Wow-eeee! Here’s wishing you all the pepper sauce your heart desires.

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