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Father’s Day and Frank’s New Coat

It was Father’s Day on the 16th of June so I decided to surprise my father with the best Father’s Day he has ever had. My dad doesn’t really know about good presents because he didn’t really get good ones when he was a child. So, I have to teach him my knowledge of what you deserve when it is your special day.

I didn’t have that much money to spend and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but then I went to a shop called Byrnes with my mother. We went there because they sell good, really cheap Tupperware and I wanted a container to put my gaming equipment inside. While we were there I had a great thought. My father has been working a lot in his study recently trying to finish a project. His study is cold and quite far away from the rest of the house. I thought it would be a great idea to get him a box and fill it with all sorts of little treats to keep him going while he works. I found a sort of tool box that I had enough money for. It had compartments and I decided to fill them with all sorts of things he might need to be happy while he works. The compartments aren’t too big so it wouldn’t be too pricy to fill them. First of all, I got some biltong. Next, I got jelly beans, bubble gum, wine gums, licorice allsorts, peanuts and cashews. Then we went to the bottle store next door to Byrnes. I thought my dad might like some of those little bottles of brandy but I found something much cheaper and much better. I discovered that you can get little plastic sachets filled with alcohol. Each one only costs five rand! We bought him every type of alcohol in a sachet that they sell– gin, whisky, brandy, rum, sambuca, sherry and something called Danie-Dop. This was so he could have something in case he gets so tired that he needs a little kick to keep him going. So, there is his kick.

Bring out the liquor!

We also went to Plastic Warehouse where we bought shot glasses for him to drink his good stuff.  I also bought Gaviscon tablets in case he gets indigestion in his study and wet wipes and hand sanitizer in case his hands got sticky from the sweets. When I got home I filled the magic box full of the goodies and made a sign saying Study Box so he would know what it was for.

Everyone know what it is? Good.

My mum got him a shirt that he wanted for work and a beautiful blue blanket. She also bought a dog coat for my dog Frank. There isn’t a dog’s day so she made a plan. We wrapped up the dog coat and said it was a present for my dad from Frank. Poor Frank has been very cold this winter. He is a greyhound so he doesn’t have a lot of fat to keep him warm. It is true that my dad has been worried about Frank being cold so it sort of a present to stop my dad worrying. 

The next day it was Father’s Day. Before breakfast there was a dramatic opening of presents. There were rustling noises as he opened the paper packages. He took a very, very long time. When the presents were finally open my dad was very pleased with the gifts – see picture below for proof of pleasure.


He loved all of his gifts and he loved us for giving them to him.

Filled to the brim, not for long!

 Frank loves his coat too – see picture below of me, my dad and Frank the dog in his new coat.


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    • Thank you for you’re kind words and we’re are all still in all of our coats because it is so cold.

  1. What a fabulous Father’s Day gift idea Jos. That’s so special. Pity I can’t see Richard’s face to see his delight but I can imagine his face glowing from the joy of receiving such a lovely gift.

    Big ups to you!!

    • Yes he was very excited, there was a picture of him with his mouth wide open but he was embarresed and said NO! to it.

  2. What a fabulous goody box. (And wet wipes too; how thoughtful!) I wonder what the birthday boy went for first? The cashews? The gin? The bilthong? The allsorts? And what a tasteful trio you look, man, boy and greyhound, in your coordinated misty grey winter wear.

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