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Dancing, sweet chili sauce and a very bad monkey

This weekend I did quite a lot. On Saturday I started by going to Pretoria east to do a Latin dancing exam at Beverley Hammond Dance School.

Luckily it wasn’t my exam, I had already done this exam at the end of last year so I was just partnering my new dance partner who hadn’t. Her name is Arnoliez and we have been dancing together since late January 2019. I think it went well.

Pasoing up a storm

The great drama of the dance exam was that someone (not me or Arnoliez) got locked in the toilet and couldn’t get out. In the end my teacher Hayley had to take the door off its hinges. 

Me my partner and our teacher Hayley.

Then I went home and we decided to go to the Silver Orange Bistro which is a fancy restaurant close to where we live in Hartbeespoort. We had a table on the veranda. I liked it a lot. For my starter I had tempura sushi with sweet chili sauce. I was a big fan of the sweet chili sauce – I had never had it before – when I had finished my sushi I ate up all the remaining sauce on its own.   The sushi on its own would have been a bit bland but the sweet chili sauce gave it a jump start.


For my main course I had salmon with red and white quinoa, red cabbage, spinach and ruby grapefruit. I was very keen. I love salmon and I almost never get it so I was very happy with my hearty portion.

This is the life!

We were stuffed. My mum had pork belly and my dad had lamb shoulder.


My mum gave up but me and my dad were stronger so we decided to go for dessert too. Even we chose a smallish, light sort of dessert. She had a cup of coffee and we had the lemon sorbet. It was amazing because I love lemon. But soon even I gave up. We called it a day and went home.

Sorbet time!

After a while I was hungry again so I ate some biscuits while I was playing Minecraft. I ate all but 2 of the biscuits. Unfortunately I left the packet on the table next to where I was playing Minecraft. The next morning I was doing my homework downstairs when there was a crash upstairs. I thought “I know what that is!!!!!”and rushed upstairs to find that a monkey was running away with my biscuits. I chased after him but I was too slow! The monkey ran to the roof and ate my biscuits! I was cursing him. The monkey seemed very happy with his biscuits.

That’s my biscuit!

And that concludes my weekend! I would recommend the Silver Orange to everyone. Even if you have to drive a long way it is so worth the trip. I would also recommend that those who live near monkeys don’t leave biscuits lying around.

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    • He was a very bad monkey. Yesterday another one came in the house and sat on the sofa. They like Thursdays because Thursday is the day that the dustbin are collected so there is lots of rubbish in the street. Love Josiah

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