OR Tambo Inter-Continental; my own room at last!

This weekend I did a lot of things. I started by going to the Ditsong National Museum of Military History in Johannesburg with my dad. At first it was quite quiet and calm there was hardly anyone there so it felt like our own personal experience.  Then some little kids arrived who were running around and shouting – bad museum etiquette. They weren’t reading any of the information they were just zooming through. All they cared about was the tank they didn’t want to know about the stuff like the speed of that tank or where it had been used and what war it came from.

In addition to the tank there were lots of other cool things. There was a custom-made chess set that had been made by the Polish forces in World War 2 and given to General Smuts – who was the prime minister of South Africa and the head of the army for South Africa in World War 2.  The pieces looked like Polish soldiers. We also saw different types of radio transmitters and a range of different sorts of guns (rifles, muskets etc.) There were also some uniforms from Nazi soldiers.

I liked the museum a lot but I thought it was weird that there was nothing on the Battle of Isandlwana. This was a battle when the Zulu army beat the British army in 1879. I did a project on this battle at my school and made a scale map of the battle scene out of papier mache so I was looking forward to learning some more about that. All I could find is one book in the library section of the museum.  And the librarian was at lunch so I couldn’t get it out to look at.  I liked the museum a lot but I wish this big South African battle was there too.

Isandlwana in progress.


Then it was time to go on to the next part of the adventure.  This was a night at the Inter-Continental Hotel at OR Tambo airport.  When I told people where I was going some people said it wouldn’t be nice because it was next to the airport and that it would be very loud. I worried that they might be right but they were proven wrong. From the moment I saw it I knew it would be amazing!

Presenting …. Inter-continental!

While we were there there was a big storm with lots of lightening and I suppose thunder but I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t hear a single plane the whole time and we were right next door to the airport. The hotel is totally quiet.

When we got there, I was shocked to hear I would get my own room which also had its own bathroom. I have only ever stayed in the same room as my parents so I was very happy to hear that I would get my own space to chillax. Our rooms were sort of joined. Both our rooms were behind a door and then there were two other doors which led to our separate rooms. I went to my room and put my stuff down and I was excited to see that on the table by the window there was a plate of sweets and chocolates. There were giant white powdery marshmallows that the kitchen had made themselves. They were very delicious but very rich so you needed to drink in between each one. There were also chocolate truffles and macaroons. The macaroons were green and minty.

Macarooneey magic!


There was also a chocolate that looked like lips and said kiss me on it.

Lip lickin good.

As you may already have guessed I devoured the sweets and chocolates within the first fifteen minutes of being there. I ate them as I sat on the bed and watched Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2.

Face of concentration.

I was very pleased with my own room. I got to pick the channel. Bliss. The tv had taken out all the swear words which is a big problem with Guardians of the Galaxy as there are so many swear words and most of the jokes are in the swear words.

I decided to have a bath in my own bathroom which you can see the TV from. I watched the movie in peace. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon in a fluffy hotel dressing gown.

I’m proud of my room.

We then went on to the amazing restaurant downstairs called Quills. There were amazing things on this menu. We all decided we would have things that we wouldn’t usually have at home. I decided that for a starter I would have crocodile Carpaccio.


It tasted really good. It was white in color and tasted sort of rich. It’s hard to describe because there aren’t really words that match what crocodile tastes like. It was kind of half way between a fish and a meat. I was able to add crocodile to the list of animals I’ve eaten. For a short summary the list also contains zebra, kudu and lion. I am building up a zoo belly.

Crocodile conqueror

For a main I had salmon. It tasted amazing. I had never had so much salmon. I like salmon so sometimes as a treat my mum buys me a small packet of smoked salmon strips. So I am used to getting little slivers but now I got a whole big piece. I also had chips as a side portion. I have a mission to find the best chips in South Africa. I am making a league table of the top ones. When I was 6 I had really good chips at Havana restaurant in Umhlanga and that still holds the record as the best chips in SA. They were thin and crisp and they had a delicious seasoning that I still remember. The 2nd best were at Palazzo Hotel at Montecasino – they were thin and nicely spiced but not quite as good as the ones at Havana. Oh Havana. These chips at the Inter-Continental were nice but not as good as Havana or Montecasino. They were thicker than I like but still quite good. We wanted to share a chocolate mouse or a malva pudding but we were too full so we couldn’t. I am really regretting that now. I am thinking oh God why couldn’t I fit one in there. As I got into bed I was already regretting it. My stomach had got used to what it had eaten and was scolding me saying ‘Oh Come on why couldn’t I have ordered the malva pudding.’  I lay in bed and downloaded Fortnite videos from YouTube. I watched a few and downloaded a few to watch later. I also watched Hell’s Kitchen but it wasn’t nice – it didn’t have that finesse that Masterchef has. It was lacking something.  It was a pain that my parents kept coming to check on me. Why did they do that!? They had their own room. At one point I had to chase them out.

The next day I woke up at about 6am and I watched Come Dine With Me and a thing about polar bears and climate change on Discovery Channel. I had even more salmon with my breakfast. The salmon was so tasty. It had cream cheese and lemon juice.

Breakfast in style

I also had hard boiled eggs and sausage and mushrooms. I learnt that I like hash browns. I had never had them before. Then I ate half of my mums pancakes which were good.  The chef came to talk to us. His name was Yoshan Naidu and apparently my mum had told him about her soji addiction. Soji is a pudding you usually only get in Durban. And he had heard her say that she really likes it and because he came from Durban he made her a big takeaway container of Soji to take home! She was so happy. While we were waiting for the parking tickets to be validated I went and chatted to the hotel door man his name was Day Off Mathabatha. Which was a very cool name.

It wasn’t Day off’s day off

After that we went home and I watched all the DanTDM YouTube recordings I had made. This was the perfect end to a perfect day. I would recommend the Inter-Continental at OR Tambo to everyone who likes chocolate platters and salmon.

Really cool pens they gave us.



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  1. All that food and you still stay so thin! Btw, how was Yoshan’s soji? He made very good masala braai chops when I last saw him, which was at the Maharani in Durban!
    A, really enjoying your foodie and other adventures…

    • The soji was delicious. What I didn’t know is if you put it in the fridge it goes solid and is like aromatic, seni sweet fudge. Anna

  2. All that food and you still stay so thin! Btw, how was Yoshan’s soji? He made very good masala braai chops when I last saw him, which was at the Maharani in Durban!
    Am really enjoying your foodie and other adventures…

  3. You are leading a very interesting life at present. I am rather jealous. I did not get to stay in my own hotel room until I was married. You are really stepping up the game here. PS. I really don’t like crocodile – You were brave to try it. It just doesn’t gel with me. Choccies looked good though. And I love salmon. I have it nearly every day for breakfast.

    • Thank you for reading my blog. I know I am lucky to get my own room and I was very happy to get one. I liked the crocodile and I like to try new things. It wasn’t my favourite ever but I did like it a lot. The chocolates were great. You are lucky to have salmon for breakfast every day that sounds very good to me. Love Josiah

  4. It is delightful to see how you make an adventure out of everything. You are blessed to have so many opportunities, but you will not get blase about them as long as you keep seeking the fun in all that you experience. I liked your humour about Days Off’s Day On.

    • Thank you for reading my blog. It was great to have my own room and a big pile of chocolates. I loved the hotel. Love Josiah

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