Delicious Duck in Chinatown

This weekend was the first weekend of the school holidays so we decided to go to Chinatown in Cyrildene, Johannesburg to have some lunch.

We’re here


When we got to Chinatown we couldn’t decide where to have lunch so we looked through all of the windows and one of the restaurants had ducks hanging in the window so we decided it would be that one.


The restaurant was called Mong Kok. We went in and sat down and were immediately amazed by the pictures of the food on the wall. There were lots of meaty pictures of what you could order in the restaurant but the meat all still had its head on. It makes sense because meat was an animal once so it is honest but usually you don’t see the heads and the feet in the pictures in restaurants.

Head to Head

I usually eat Chinese food in Hartbeespoort from our takeaway. I always order chicken with cashew nuts which I like a lot but this was a whole other world of taste pleasure. We looked into the absolutely giant menu’s and knew what we had to eat. Peking Duck. We decided that between the three of us we would share one of the ducks. The waitress explained that they make the duck as crispy so you can put it in pancakes, as soup with the duck bones and also as fried rice. We also ordered a cucumber salad, a portion of spring rolls we ate those while we were waiting for the duck feast to come. The cucumber salad was deliciously crunchy.


We then had the spring rolls which tasted a lot better than fast food Chinese spring rolls that I usually get in Hartbeespoort. They came with a lovely spicy sauce. Next came the big duck that we devoured but I’m going to have to explain. It came with a really crispy skin.

Quack, I’m back!

You take a piece of duck meat and a small crepe that you put sauce on and then you put cucumber and spring onion. Then you try to roll it up and munch. Most of mine looked more like tacos. Sort of more folded than rolled.

Tacos time. Chinese style

The soup bowl was absolutely ginormous and we tried to eat all of it but we just couldn’t even though it was delicious. It had all the duck bones and meaty bits and mushrooms and ginger plus there was tofu. Yum.

Slurp time

Then came the rice and it was amazing, it had bits of duck and cucumber inside of it. Then we only realised how much food we had ordered, I was shocked. It was too much. We ate until we were almost bursting but still we had to take lots home. While we were digesting the food we saw a really sweet Chinese baby who was driving around the restaurant on a scooter.

Help! Too full. I think he might be dead…

Once we had finished what we could we went on to explore the marvels of Chinatown. We left the restaurant and looked in the shops. My mum was very interested because she found sorghum (She loves it).

Sorghum YAY

We went into a vegetable shop that had really long aubergines.


We also found lots of cool school lunch things but it is the school holidays now so we didn’t buy. We thought “save those for another day.”

Things we didn’t buy.

So I suppose that’s a yes.

My mum and I decided to secretly buy some noodles for my dad’s version of school lunches. Every day he goes to work with sandwiches so we bought him a whole lot of flavours of instant noodles to eat at his desk. We bought some amazing noodles in amazing colours. We have yet to know how they taste.

I hope they make my dad as happy as this guy.

My dad started to get bored because we were looking at too many things and taking too long so he just walked off towards the car. We had to run to catch up.

Then we drove home with full bellies. I lay on the sofa and watched my new The Arrow DVDs. That DVD box set was my start of the school holiday treat. My cat baby Chum Chum came and sat with me.

Boyz in the hood II

We ate the leftover duck and pancakes for supper that night.

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