Pasta perfection

This weekend me and my friend Thuto went to a cooking class at the Prue Letih Chefs Academy in Centurion. The class was about pasta making. I was excited and curious because I have made pasta before but I wanted to learn how to do it better. In the car on way to the class we played the game Geometry Dash on my phone.

We arrived at 9.30am ready for our lesson. We were introduced to Chef Adele and Chef Alida. We were each given aprons and a chefs’ hat. Chef Alida gave us a demonstration on what to do and what not to do. She told us to never put oil in the pasta water when you are cooking it. She also said that we must work hard and clean as we went along. I was excited. I thought “cool!”

Hard at listening.

Then it was our turn to give it a go. We each had to get flour and salt and combine them. Then we put our flour mixtures on the work table and each made a hole in the flour. We got three eggs and one egg yolk and put that liquid into the hole in the middle of the flour. We both stirred the egg with one hand while bringing the flour in towards the liquid with the other hand.

This is fun

Harder than it looks!

When the dough was formed we kneaded and kneaded and kneaded. We kneaded for about 20 minutes.


Our arms were so sore! Chef Alida was kind to us and she did an extra 10 minutes to finish it off.  Then we wrapped our doughs in clingwrap and put them in the fridge to rest. After a few minutes of resting it was time to start rolling the doughs that we had made.

Then we put the doughs through the pasta machine to make it thin. You turn a handle and it thins out as it passes through some rollers. It came out very thin.


Then we started to make pasta shapes. We did some long thin pasta which we rolled on a machine that looked a bit like a guitar with strings. As you roll the strings slice through the pasta and the cut strips fall through.

It’s magic!

Chef Alida had made us a nice four cheese filling and we used it to make all sorts of stuffed pasta shapes.

Just a blob

We made shapes like sweets, shapes like belly buttons, shapes like ears. We used a special cutter to make stuffed pasta that looked like a sunflower. Those were all classic shapes.

”I stole the sun!”

Then Thuto started making his own designs. He gave the new shapes names. He named them after himself and his 2 sisters. His pasta was named Thutolini, Lesedini and Noedini because his sisters are called Lesedi and Noedi.

Then we made pesto with basil and cheese and pine-nuts in the Thermomix. If you have read my blog before you will know I love the Thermomix – it is a machine that can chop and blend and cook all in one.

So much green!

Chef Alida made us a lovely tomato sauce too.  Then we cooked our pasta and sat down to lunch. Our pasta was delicious!

So much to eat!

The cheese filling went really well with tomato sauce. Now I really want to make more pasta because I have learnt so much from the lesson.

Ready to eat.

After lunch we said thank you and headed home for an afternoon of gaming. We played Grand Theft Auto, Hello Neighbour and Red Dead Redemption 2. Thutho has a Play Station 4 at his house and I have an Xbox one. Thuto said that the Xbox was easier to use. He said he wished he had one the same but I think they are sort of the same the difference is that we were playing really good games on my machine. We decided we hadn’t done enough gaming so we asked Thuto’s mum if he could stay the night and my house and she said yes. My mum got us KFC for supper and we tried to see who could stay awake the longest. And he lost rapidly. He was asleep by 10 o’clock! I won hands down!

ZZZ…I won.

I would recommend the pasta making class to everyone. I think people should be 10 or older to enjoy it because you need to be quite strong to knead the dough for all that time. Thank you to the Prue Leith Chefs Academy for a really cool class.

The fortnite dance.


Prue Leith Chef’s Academy

Tel: 012 654 5203




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  1. This was brilliant! I loved the pictures and the descriptions of every stage of the pasta-making. I learnt a bit too (no oil in pasta water — why? The guitar strings for the strips — of course!) I really liked the bit about Thutolini, Lesedini and Noedini — the world’s newest pasta shapes. Thanks Josiah and Thuto, I’m inspired to take my children to a cooking class.

    • Thank you and you should it was cool. They said we shouldn’t put oil in because it makes the pasta slimy and gets in the way of the sauce. We got told that each pasta shape has its own special sauce and we shouldn’t mess with that. and Love Josiah

  2. We love your posts here at Thermomix, and we love Prue Leith where we run our Thermomix cooking classes. Well done Josiah-I have learnt so much with this post, like the oil in water and different sauces. Cant wait for the next post:)

  3. Hahaha!! You really like competing, Jos. I’ve always wanted to know how make pasta, can I come to you for lessons? Just for a start😀. Or maybe I will go to Prue Leith Chef Academy and get the feel of using Thermomix.
    Thanks for a lovely blog.

    • Thank you for reading my blog. My pasta class was very cool. I want to make more. Love Josiah.

  4. If people want to go on these classes they just need to go to the Prue Leith web site they have lots of different classes. I want to do the bread making one next. Love Josiah

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