Goodness gracious Greek

Last week I went with my parents to a new restaurant called as Greek as it Gets in Menlo Park in Pretoria. The chef who is in charge is called Stavros. I know him because he also has a restaurant in a place called Cullinan that I have been to before.  I haven’t been to that Cullinan restaurant since I was really young (maybe 3 or 4) but I remember it very fondly because when I was small Stavros used to make special chips for me that were big wedges and he said that they were Ben 10 chippies because he knew that I loved Ben 10.

That day I had been dancing quite a lot and I was hungry. I felt like my mum was torturing me because we had to wait because our reservation was at six and I finished my dance class at 4:30. The class was in Pretoria and the restaurant was in Pretoria so she said we couldn’t go home and should wait. So we waited at a KFC and I did my Zulu homework. After I was finished I used the KFC WiFi to watch Dan TDM YouTube videos. Dan TDM is a YouTuber who plays games and comments on them. As we were waiting a storm was brewing. Thunder and lightning and after a while rain too. I was worried because my dad was going to meet us at the restaurant and he was coming from his work on his motor bike.

At last it was time to leave KFC and set off for the restaurant which we did as the rain began to splash really hard. When we got there we saw that the restaurant is in a courtyard with grass and usually tables outside but we just ran in without looking much because it was raining so hard.

Before the rain

When we got inside my mum still made me wait to eat because my dad wasn’t there yet. At last he arrived. He was wearing all his bright yellow rain gear which was a bit embarrassing but he went to the toilet and took it off and then he looked more normal.

Finally, we could eat. Stavros came and he told us what we would be eating and I was ready. As a starter he brought us some lovely pita bread with some delicious cheese dip.

Pita as it’s meant to be.

The pita bread was made at the restaurant and tasted much better than the shop stuff. It was brushed with delicious olive oil. The starter ended too quickly for me. Stavros also brought me some great potato wedges – Ben 10 chips again.


I ate a whole lot for old times sake. They were so good.  Then I ate a lot of artichokes and some sort of Greek samosas called Spanakopita.


Then there was a fried cheese and fat chicken stuffed with more cheese called chicken bourekia. It all tasted amazing!


The wonderful thing was that Stavros saw how much I liked the pita bread so he gave me a whole lot in a box to take home and I had it for breakfast the next day.

Then for dessert he brought us Baklava which is nuts and honey wrapped in phylo pastry with ice cream.

Sweet but not overpoweringly sweet.


I would recommend this restaurant to any one who has been dancing all afternoon and is extremely hungry. And also people who haven’t been dancing but are still hungry.

As Greek as it Gets Menlo Park

Greenlyn Village, corner Thomas Edison and 13th street, Menlo Park, Pretoria. 084 455 5588.


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  1. We love your blog! Thank you for the very positive feedback. We look forward to seeing you again! Stavros & Inge @ as Greek as it gets!

  2. Great restaurant
    Please add Retsina and Horta to your menu Stavros
    Without them you/we are missing 2 essential items

  3. Hey, Jos!! Oh, how I love the restaurant. The first time I went there was in 2014 with my colleagues. I loved it so much that I dragged Abey a few months later to get the taste of what I had. I must say Stavros’ presence makes it extra special. He has a way of making his guest feel special. Did you get to dance to Greek music or break the plates?

    Next time I’m in town, I will sure check the new one in Menlo Park.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely review, Jos. We miss you!

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