Virtual Reality Returns


I wrote once before about going to Blue Ocean Virtual Reality Centre in Bedfordview, Johannesburg. So you already know that it is very cool there. But guess what?!! This time was even better.

My dad got me a few sessions as a present. When I am an adult I want to design computer games so I want to learn all I can about the subject. So this was a good present for me.

On the 27th of December my dad and I made our way off for the VR adventure. We left for Blue Ocean VR at nine o’clock in the morning. It is quite a long drive so I did my holiday homework Kumon while we drove. My class was supposed to start at eleven thirty and we got there with plenty of time but it had been a long time since I had been there so I had forgotten where it was. Last time it was my mum who took me and sadly she was not with us! Me and my dad spent a lot of time wandering around searching for it. Just as I was losing all hope we found it and it was time to start my lesson. It was exactly 11.00 so I hadn’t missed any of my slot even with all the wandering up and down and round and round and round. Phew!

First before I actually went in I had to recap the things I had learnt in my previous lesson. Once I had looked through the book I went in for the second time.

I’m back!

The first thing I did was create a snowman in virtual reality. I gave him a lovely carrot nose and two shiny black eyes. Then I made three buttons on the chest. Then I made a very big top hat and for the final part I added in two stick arms.

This will make your head spin.

Then it was time for a lunch break. Me and my dad went around Bedford Centre in search of an interesting place to eat and we found a place called Chevy Lane.

It was basically like the dining car on an American train. It had old fashioned suitcases on rails above and there were screens which showed moving black and white pictures which showed different scenes from the streets of America. In each window the film ran a second behind the one on the left so it felt the train was moving with you getting a glimpse of the changing scenery the train rode past. Impressive.

We’re moving!

My dad ordered a meatball sub and I ordered a pizza. My dad said his meatball sub tasted lovely.

Lovely sub.

Pizzaliceous or maybe not.

My pizza was fine. Not brilliant but it tasted good in a very plain, slightly bland sort of way. At the back there were pinball machines and game consoles which had Fifa 19. So all in all a good venue for a dad and son lunch. Eventually it was time to go back for some more VR.

We walked back to the Blue Ocean HQ. This time we knew the way. In my second session I designed a dress on a mannequin.


I gave it angle wings. Well they were supposed to look majestic wings but in the end my dress looked more like Edward Scissor Hands. After that I wanted to have a little play with the game Job Simulator. Job Simulator is a game where they tell you that all humans are gone and there are only robots left. You go into a simulation of what it was like to have a job as a human. There are 4 different jobs – office worker, auto-mechanic, gourmet chef, store clerk. I chose office worker and auto mechanic. I had lots of fun. But it is a bit weird – as an office worker I ate a lot of virtual reality donuts which was fine but as an auto mechanic I had to follow my corrupt bosses orders and not help a customer in the correct way. If you don’t do what he says the game cant carry on. You can move around but it wont let you carry on with any other cars. So you are stuck.

Even so it was a great day out. I would recommend Blue Ocean VR to anyone who wants to eat a lot virtual reality donuts and create snow men.

Blue Ocean VR

Chevy Lane Grill HouseĀ


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  1. Thank goodness you just made it – and I expect that you will design computer games! (I like the look of the Chevy Lane chips and the dining car benches.)

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