Heaven with Perfect Pancakes


It was the week before the school holidays started. It was so hot. My mum picked me up from school and took me on an adventure. We went in search of something that I had heard rumors of and wanted to visit for a long time. We weren’t exactly sure where we were going or even if the rumors were true. But we hoped so we got in the car and drove.

We had heard rumors that somewhere in Bedfordview in Johannesburg there was a spectacular comic book store. It was so hot in the car. We took 2 bottles of frozen water from the freezer at home and they completely melted in the car on the way. We drove and drove and drove.

When we finally got there I shrieked when I saw it. There was the biggest comic book store you can imagine. Actually, even bigger than I had imagined. Like a Makro warehouse but for comics. It was glass and steel and shiny. Definitely worth the drive.

Heaven located!


We went inside and I found the literal meaning of heaven. Amazingness. It was really cool. There were rows and rows of comic books and magazines. There was a life-sized statue of Wonder Woman and Batman and a Storm Trouper from Star Wars.

Don’t stab me!

Don’t blast me!

There were cars from all the different movies and comics including the car from the Archie comics and the Chicago Movie and the Roadrunner cartoon. This is for the Harry Potter fans … There was the flying Ford Anglia and a life-sized statue of Dobby from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I thought ‘I am home.’ I am not going to say anymore about my beloved Dobby in case I spoil the story for any readers who haven’t yet finished that book.

He’s real!

There was a brilliant section on Star Wars which had Star Wars Lego and dog costumes of all the movie characters. There was a dog Princess Leia and a dog R2D2 and you could make your dog an Ewok.

peewww peewwww

There was a cool door mat that had Yoda’s face on it which said ‘Welcome You Are’.  There was a 2meter tall Kylo Ren with his light sabre – if you have watched Star Wars The Force Awakens you will know who he is and be afraid.

The mat says it best.

Then we went to the very nice vegan restaurant which was right in the centre of the store. It was called kaylees. I was surprised it was there because comic book stores don’t usually have restaurants and if they do you would expect the food to be not very nice but this one was great. I had falafel and pancakes. The falafel was interesting it was different from how I had had it before because they had not put it into the balls shapes and fried it they had just taken the innards and put them straight on the plate. It tasted very nice, soft, chopped vegetably mixture with cherry tomatoes and cucumber.

#staring contest

I liked the falafel but I especially loved the pancakes – we need to go back there, of course for the comics, but also for those pancakes – they had a lovely syrup. It took me a while to get to the actual pancakes because I was just in love with the taste of the nuts (roasted cashews) on the side of the plate with the syrup. The actual pancakes were so fluffy and went so well with the pineapple, apple and strawberries that were layered in between each pancake.

Pancake heaven


Then I went back into the store. I saw a section that was just on Back to the Future and I raced for it. Back to the Future is a series of films about time travel that I love. I found a model of Mr. Fusion which is the energy collector on top of the Delorian (which is the vehicle that they use to travel in time) and I also found a model of the Flux Capacitor which powers the time circuits in the vehicle. There was also an Outta Time car license plate. One day when I get a car I want that Outta Time license plate. 

In the Harry Potter section there was wide choice of wands and the Maraunders Map which I still want a lot. I so wish that they would give it to me for Christmas but it is R1000 and my mum says ‘no way. You have your own money if you want that’. I have money that my granny gave me for my birthday and she says I must buy it myself with my savings if I want it. It is a whole map of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and all the people walking inside it. It was made by Messeurs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. So, you would be able to see Albus Dumbledore the headmaster pacing in his study. I am turning the purchase over in my mind. Maybe. Maybe not.

At the end of our visit I bought the first three issues of the comic Back to the Future and also the 31st issue of the Flash.  And a Guardians of the Galaxy shirt which shows Rocket and Groot on it. I love it.

My stash!

I would recommend The Comic Warehouse to anyone who wants to go to heaven and likes perfect pancakes. Do you want to go to heaven? Check. Do you like pancakes? Check. You’re in.

Comic Warehouse; 011 524 7603; 147 North Reef Road, Bedfordview, Johannesburg.  



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    • It is a great place and you would like it a lot. Are you in Gauteng or the Eastern Cape at the momennt? If you are in Gauteng we could go together sometime in this holiday. Josiah

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