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Hiking and the return of energy girl 


This weekend I was very busy. On Friday the 30th of November I had a ballet recital where I showed off my feathers because I was a bluebird.

I’m flying!

As you can see I have a great bluebird costume made by my ballet teacher, Mrs. Mariette Kloppers. After the recital me and my parents went to a restaurant called Toni’s Pizza. I was very hungry after my dancing and luckily it was only a few streets away. We didn’t have a reservation so driving there I not only hungry but worried too because my mum and dad said that they hadn’t been there for more than ten years but the last time they went it was very popular. It still was. When we got there we struggled to get a table but there was one small one outside and luckily we got it. I had a Regina pizza with added olives. My mum had one with artichokes and my dad chose one with anchovies. We also had a salad for the table. While we were waiting for our food I went around and took a few photos.

It burns!

It took a while to get our food because the place was packed but eventually we got our food and it was definitely worth the wait. My pizza tasted amazing I felt like I had just gone to Italy. The crust was thin and crackly the cheese was just the right amount of stretchy, gooeyness. The salad was also fantastic with lots of roasted vegetables mixed together. We ate and ate and ate some more.

Gobble gobble.

In the car on the way home my mum told me that she and her friend Mama Gapi were going on a hike early the next morning and she asked me if I would I like to come, I said yes! So, Saturday the 1st December came and my mum woke me from the warm comfort of my bed at 5`oclock and I was told to get washed and get dressed. Me and my mum got in the car we drove to Mama Gapi’s house. Once she was on board we were off again. We went to the start of the hike where Mama Gapi’s gym trainer who was called Justice was waiting for us. He had brought his friend called Ezra plus a few other people including a lady called Charmaine who is the mother of a little boy at my school. His name is Yaya but he is only three so he wasn’t hiking. My friend Phemelo’s big sister Keneiloe and her friend Koketso were also there. We were supposed to start at six o‘clock but we actually started at about half past six because it took a while for everyone to arrive.

We were finally off. For the first ten minutes it was just dirt and then it was rocks and this repeated on and on.

Let’s go!

We underestimated how long the hike was going to be. It was all the way up a mountain and then back down again. My mum hadn’t brought us hats or sunscreen and we were just in our normal takkies not proper hiking shoes but it was still really cool. The views were amazing.

Watch your step!

Stay away from the edge!

When we got high up we could see the Hartbeespoort dam and all the mountains of the Magaliesburg. Justice the trainer was really kind he made sure that no one got left behind and showed us all sorts of wild fruits along the way.

there’s more food around if you know where to look.

Eventually we got to the top after lots of effort. We stayed at the top for a while eating apples and drinking some water but eventually it was time to go back down(aaagghh).


On the way down people were tired and the groups got a bit split up. Me and Justice were in the first group then a bit of a way back was my mum and Mama Charmaine and then there were all the rest in a much slower pack. Me and Justice were the first to get down.

Once everyone was down the mountain we all went to Mama Gapi’s house for lunch. You may know that Mama Gapi’s daughter is Boleng A.K.A Energy Girl – if you don’t know her go back and read my blog about how we all went to the Nirox children’s book festival together. She is very cool but also very energetic. Boleng is only three so she was really pleased to see her mum back from the hike. Soon my friend Phemelo arrived and me and Phemelo played with Boleng. We chased her around while Justice and his friends were making a braai. We were repeatedly trying to stop Boleng from helping with the braaing. We thought Energy Girl and fire were probably a bad combination. When the food was ready I had a plain boerewors roll which was cooked to perfection. Nice and juicy just the way I like it. It was a great end to the hiking. After that I said my goodbyes and we were off to home to prepare for my Latin dancing exam the next day.

On Sunday the 2nd, there was a lot of running around looking for things – especially my new bowtie which turned out to be behind a chest of draws. My mum was crooooooooooossssssssssssssss when she thought I had lost it. Fortunately, it was found but only after a lot of looking. My dance partner Masana came over for one last practice before we went to the exam. Then we drove off. We did the exam which I think went well – I don’t have the results yet – and I bid farewell to my weekend.


Contact justice for more adventures at Justice_mathupe_fit

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    • please do come and bring Phemelo too. I think he is going to do a hike with a braai every month. Love Josiah

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