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Ant Man and the Mealies

It is summer so mealies are in fashion. In Hartbeespoort there is a man who sells mealies by the side of the road from the back of a bakkie.

What a hoard!

And they are wonderful. They are not the yellow sweet corn mealies that you buy at the shops. People call these ones green mealies. They are poorly named because they are actually whitish in colour. They are very long so perhaps their name should be long mealies. Then they would be better named.

Growing now and forever

When you order he takes off the green leaf casing and puts them onto a fire. He grills them over the fire and then you take them to munch.

They cost R12 each. Me and my mum had two.  Compared to yellow sweet corn they are quite tough but it is a nice tough – sweet corn just melts which can be good but this is a different kind of good. This is the sort of good that gives you something to chew. When I was eating my mealie I had a smart system which was that I bit the corn in batches of three. I cleared out the whole row in those groups of three kernels and then started again at the beginning of the row. Left to right – almost like reading a book.

I’ll take two please

We bought the mealies and they were quite hot to hold but I wanted to wait and eat them when I got home because on the way home my mum and I went to Musica and bought Ant Man and the Wasp. This is a movie about two people who can shrink and who are trying to get the wasp’s mother out the quantum realm.

I got home settled down on the sofa with my movie and my mealie. Bliss.

Munch,munch goes the mealie monster.

Movie time!



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  1. Good thing you had photos as I did not know what a ‘mealie’ is. In American English we call it corn on the cob and I have never heard the term ‘mealie.’. Sounds wonderful grilled on the fire like that.

  2. Oh how I long for one of these ‘proper’ mealies! It’s so good that you are promoting these road-side providers of delicious wholesome food. (I only hope the mealies didn’t shrink to ant size before you could eat your fill.)

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