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Chameleon Drift Freaks

Last weekend my friend Jason had a birthday party at Drift Freaks in Chameleon Village, Hartbeespoort. He turned ten years old. Like me. He took me and another friend called Evan on a go carting, hoverboarding and archery adventure.

The three Musketeers

I had never been on a motorized go cart before. I was excited and curious to see how the handling would be. Safety first. They put crash helmets on us.

Let’s go!

Then the people who work there pulled the engine cord which was almost like a chain saw in the go carts roared to life. I was quite excited because I thought ‘this is going to be fun’ and I was right.

Gentlemen start your engines!

At first we really weren’t racing because we wanted to get a feel for it and then once we had the hang of it we really raced. It was a 10 lap turn and we did 5 laps to prepare and 5 laps really going for it. It was a dirt road and quite bumpy. It was like being in a pop corn machine. Poppety, poppety pop. We were all screaming out of happiness because it was so fun. On the last lap I thought that I should really go for it so I didn’t use the break once. Only the accelerator and it was really, really amazing.

Need for speed

I thought if I am going to drive when I am older I hope it is not as scary as this!

We stopped whizzing about on the go carts and had a few cupcakes and some iced tea. They were chocolate cupcakes. They were decorated with bones like dinosaur bones because Jason the birthday boy is very into paleontology.

After the go carting and cupcake part of the day we moved on to archery. We got a bit of training from the guides and then we were off with our arrows.

Prepare to die camera!

We were each given our own cubicle and 5 arrows. I liked the feel of archery it was very exciting as I let go of the string and the arrow was unleashed. I say all this even though I didn’t have much luck with archery. The last time I had shot a bow and arrow I was 8. I don’t think I am much of an archer.

Camera you’ll live this time.

I am better at shooting zombies in the head in Red Dead Redemption. Jason was really quite good at archery because he goes there to practice with his dad.

Then we went onto the hoverboard driving part of the day. I have a hoverboard at home but this was a very different machine which puts mine to shame because it is so much stronger and bigger than what I have.  It is sort of a hoverboard 2.0 – very strong and it has like a chair on top and there are levers that you push to go left and right and push down to go forward.  It went really fast. A lot faster than a standard hoverboard. So, it is really cool to just zoom down the path. So, we did lots of that zooming around.

It was a really good day. Thank you to Jason’s mum for organizing such a cool event. I would recommend Drift Freaks to anyone who loves speedy hoverboarding and anyone who wants to be able to drive some time soon.

Drift Freaks; R104 Chameleon Village, Damdoryn, Hartbeespoort. 072 265 7539

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  1. Dear Travel Kid: if you are in Pretoria next Saturday, tell your parents to take you to the Embassy of Mexico in Brooklyn Bridge to experience how Mexicans honour the dead.

  2. It’s such a shame that we’ve stayed in Harties for 10 years and yet never heard of the place. We love go-karting; I think we would have spent most weekends there. It really sounds like so much fun Jos. I’d however choose getting on my motorcycle than hooverboarding, I’m certain your dad would agree with me on this one.

    Thanks Jos. I’m putting it in our bucket list for next time we are in town.

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