The beach at last!

I love the beach. And Durban is the best for beaches. My experience is that the sea in Durban is always nice and warm and the waves are always good and strong. I am adventurous when it comes to waves so that suits my style.

This time proved my point. The waves were perfect. We stayed at the Suncoast Hotel which I think is my favourite hotel in South Africa. It is literally 2 minutes from the room to the beach. I could see the sea from my bed. And heard it at night. We had a balcony to look out at the waves even when we weren’t actually on the beach.

I could live here!

We stayed one night so that was 2 beach days. When we first arrived, we checked in and went straight to the beach. It was a great time to go in because the waves were strong. There was a bit of a problem because the lifeguard lady said that the shark nets weren’t really working. Apparently, the people that put them up are on strike. But the lifeguard said as long as we didn’t go in too deep we would be okay. She said that sharks don’t like sand. I hoped she was right and jumped in. it reminded me of what a holiday should feel like.

Sea I have returned to you!

After a fun time, we went back to the room and I ordered a room service burger with chips. Heaven. The burger was delicious in that it was rich and juicy. The chips were like French fries which is the shape of perfection.

Nom Nom!

It was only about 4 in the afternoon but I got into bed and ate my burger watching Come Dine with Me on TV. That’s the other thing about Suncoast they do the best room service and one time when I went there before they even wrote my name in chocolate on the dessert plate.

That night we went for supper at the restaurant in the hotel. It is called Jeera and it does the kind of Indian food that you only get in Durban. Not Indian from India food. Indian from South Africa food. Friday is buffet day so I had a bit of everything. I had lots of chicken curry and even tried crab curry (they brought me giant crackers to break open the shells). I liked the chicken a lot but I thought the crab texture was weird. It was too soft for me.

Mind helping me with my mountain of food?

My mum didn’t have the buffet – she had bunny chow which is like a curry sandwich that you get in Durban – but she wanted the pudding called soji that they have on the buffet so she made me go back to the buffet even though I was full to get a big portion. She ate most of it but I had some and it was a brilliant pudding – not too sweet and just a little bit spicy. Super delicious.


I ate until I nearly burst. Then I went to bed and slept off my belly full of food.

The next morning, I was ready for breakfast! I had bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, mushrooms and a rather large doughnut.

Lovely breakfast.

It is lovely!

It was beach time. The waves were very rough which was good because the lifeguards on this day were much more careful about the no shark nets. They seemed to think that the sharks didn’t mind sand and would be happy to come and bite us close to the shore.

Read the flag.

So, they wouldn’t let people go in deep but it was okay because the big waves came to us right in the shallow bit. I got quite bashed by sand and water and my legs were very scratched up by it all. It made me cross so I got out and made a long wall out of sand. That helped improve my mood but what I didn’t realise is that I was getting SOOOOOOOOOOOO burnt.


I had lots of sunscreen but still I got badly burnt.  Even today I can still peel skin off my legs in long strips. But at the time I didn’t know and I had cheered up so I went back into the sea for several more hours.


At Iunch time I stopped swimming and went back to the hotel to eat a burger and chips and drink a strawberry milk shake on the sunbeds at the hotel.


After a shower I went to the arcade and played games. I played Walking Dead. I had been playing Red Dead Redemption so I had trained myself to only get headshots and in the Walking Dead you can only kill the zombies with headshots so that meant I was the king of the zombies pretty soon. They didn’t stand a chance. Occasionally when I died which wasn’t often I put in more coins to revive from where I was. I also played a few rounds of my beloved Spider Stomp. Then we got back in the car and began the drive home. My legs were aching and they felt so hot. We drove to Jackie Cameron’s Chef School in Hilton to spend the night but that is a story for my next blog.

I would recommend the Suncoast hotel to anyone who is not crazy because it’s a perfect hotel!

Read the sign!

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    • Thank you for reading my blog. I had such a good time. I love the sea adn I love room service. They make the best combination. Love Josiah

  1. Hi Josiah , your words are making me desperately want to go to the coast- I have a craving now ; ) My best part about staying in a hotel is room service , and to be honest most times I order a burger: my favourite! Yours looked great and super tasty! Do come back to visit us all in KZN soon again and thank so much for supporting our beautiful KZN properties. So appreciated.Have a happy weekend. Jackie

    • Thank you for subscribing to my blog. I am hoping to come back to KZN very soon. It is such a great province. Love Josiah

    • Thank you for reading my blog. The buffet is only on Friday Nights but even the rest of the week they make delicious food at Jeera

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