Happy Birthday Skabenga

Now for part two of my KZN adventure.The Oyster Box Hotel at Umhlanga was having a birthday party for their cat Skabenga. I am not kidding they really were doing the full party with cake and singing and dressing up. For a cat. He has been living at the hotel for at least 10 years and is quite famous – he has his own facebook page.

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It’s quite a long drive from Hartford House to the Oyster Box. Not as long as the drive to Hartford from my house in Hartbeespoort but it takes about 2 hours. Just as we were about to take the turn off to Umhlanga – so very nearly there – there was a huge truck accident with a fire and black smoke and the traffic on the highway was suddenly stationary and then closed off by the police. We sat and sat. Going nowhere. The clock was ticking. The cat party was beginning to look like a no go bad dream disaster.

You can’t go over you gotta go through it.

We changed in the car into our party outfits (for the cat!!) because we knew now it was going to be a very close thing to get there on time. But still the traffic was totally stuck. It gave us time to realise that I had grown and the smart trousers that my mum had packed for me were too tight. There was no way they would work so I had to wear my jeans. Even those were quite tight. I need new clothes.

Still we were stuck in the traffic. Then a nice truck driver came down from his vehicle and knocked on our window and said to my mum that she should reverse and then sneak out through the gap between his truck and the truck behind him and go the wrong way down the highway to get out of the accident. So, we did that. He was our angel. Then we raced to Umhlanga. The party was supposed to start at 1 and we were at the gates to the hotel at exactly 1 o’clock.

When we got to the Oyster Box it was very fancy.

Fancy shmancy

we went up a spiral staircase to a room with gleaming with chandeliers, balloons with Skabenga’s face on them.

All this for a cat?

The food was all shaped like cats – cupcakes like cats, watermelon cut into cat head shapes, sandwiches with cat like eyes. It was a lot of sweet stuff and maybe there should have been more savoury things.


More sweeties!

Children had dressed up like safari.

Best costume

I feel a little under dressed.

Espescially next to these glamorous giraffes

I had just come in smart clothes. That was my mother’s idea she didn’t get the safari memo. At first I was confused and a bit cross because the cat wasn’t there. He was hiding but then they found him and took him to his birthday. I don’t think he wanted to be there at all. All the kids put their hands next to his face so he got quite scared and so they took him away.

Wait for it… that girl is about to lose an eye.

I really wanted to go to the beach.

Cue the sad music.

I had had enough of cat birthday parties. Partly because the cat in question wasn’t there. We decided to head out but I wanted to say goodbye to the birthday boy. I found him hiding out in the hotel gift shop!

I found him!

All the little kids were jumping around upstairs eating cat shaped cakes and down stairs the real cat was lurking in the gift shop. I gave him a birthday stroke and said goodbye and my mum and me drove to Durban we went to the Sun Coast Hotel. Beach here we come…

That poor cat.

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  1. A lovely post. I hope there was a fish flavoured cake for Skabenga. Myself, I long for a slice of that white cake with whiskers. Or maybe some of that spotty giraffe cake? I expect your jeans and smart trousers are even tighter now!

  2. I just really love the way you write, so much. You’re a much better writer than tons and tons of grown-ups, and much cleverer and funnier too. I think you’re going to be hugely famous. Poor Skabenga. It looks as if he had a horrible day, and I can’t believe they didn’t make him his own cake, something a cat would actually like, perhaps a giant fresh mince cake, iced with goose fat.

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