Comic Con is finally here!

This weekend I went to comic con which is a big festival of games and comic books. I had heard about Comic Con because of the TV show The Big Bang Theory where they talk about it a lot.  It was held at the Kyalami race track. Before the festival I was quite nervous because I was worried that it wasn’t going to be very good. I really wanted it to be good because I had heard so much about the festivals in America and how amazing they are. Because it was the first time that it was being held in Africa I was worried. What if I was disappointed? I looked at the programme and I started to stress.

I had been sick the day before the event but I knew that I had to be good and healthy for the day.  Fortunately, luck was with me and my health improved for comic con. Me and my dad got up nice and early and we drove off. We got there at about 9 o’clock we were surprised to see how many cars where there already. There must have been more than 2000 cars already and it hadn’t even started yet. The parking managers said that they were getting ready to have the big load. We got there just before the wave of terror came with all the cars. I knew that the guards were going to have a headache.

Oh yeah !

So, we got out of the car and we started going through to the entry zone alongside hundreds of fans. We were allowed to go on through and I said to myself ‘’we’re in’’.

To get to the hall where the main events were happening we had to go through the fear tunnel which had zombie wallpaper and there where people who had zombie make up and hey looked very cool.


They’re not so bad.

When we finally got to the main hall it was amazing there was game sounds everywhere. There were flashes of light all around and it looked awesome. I saw exactly what I wanted. There was a huge Xbox logo and I ran for it. I played the demo games and they were really cool. Me and my dad went on to explore the area and it was huge. I decided to play on the Xbox more and I played shadow of the tomb raider for a while and it was great. I stopped because I decided to get some food and my dad agreed but we had to get something first.

It is really loud in here!

Me and my dad went to the autograph zone where we went to get an autograph from Kevin Sussman who is the actor for Stuart who runs the comic book store in the big bang theory and we went to get an autograph and we waited for a while but then he came and we got his autograph.

Nearly there!

We went to the food truck village and my concern was that there wasn’t enough actual food and it was mostly sugar stuff like mini donuts and candy floss but we decided to get food from a food truck that was actually a trailer. My dad had a porky pie and I had a robot chicken which was a taco filled with bits of chicken and tomatoes. The taco shell wasn’t very crunchy but it held firm and didn’t fall. The meat inside was well cooked and tasted very good. I thought that it was very tasty and I’d very gladly have it again.


We went back to the main hall where I decided to play some virtual reality and when I went in it was about an alien apocalypse which was really scary and there was a lot of flashes every where and it was all amazing.

Help me get this thing off!

We went on to listen to a few talks. We listened to the one about Xbox and now I know what my birthday present be. We listened to the talk about African comic books. The people who were giving this talk was Loysio Mkize, Clyde Beech, Chris Sprouse and Bill Masuku. The people said that you must follow your own interpretation of your character. We quickly went on to the talk about artificial intelligence and its capabilities in movies and games by Rishal Hurbans. He talked about a what was being done in South Africa by a group of people who created a game which has amazing capabilities, it actually observes the run of play in the game to see where to hit.

We saw a replica of R2D2 which actually moved and made noises. We saw a lot of people wearing Harley Quinn costumes and joker costumes which I think was one of the most common costumes. We went to the area where they were selling all the T-shirts. We decided to buy the colorful comic con T-shirt in small but sadly they didn’t have so we got a medium size T-shirt which I will grow into.


My dad allowed me to buy a souvenir and my budget was R400 and I looked around the toy stalls and I wanted to get a Lego harry potter and I looked at the price and it was way over the budget so I put it down and went on to the boardgames. I saw a Cluedo big bang. I bought it. I have been playing it and playing it. It is like regular Cluedo except the characters are people in The Big Bang and the crimes are things that they would think are crimes so you say ‘I think it was Penny in Sheldon’s bedroom who erased the equations on the white board’.

Comic Con’s first time in Africa was really great. I liked that it was not only men but it was also family’s and it wasn’t only for nerds. I hope that it comes again and I would definitely go if it did.

I’m batman!


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