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Party at Pretville


I had a very busy social weekend. On Friday I went for a sleepover with my friend Jason. Then as soon as I got home my mum told me that that my friend Claudio was going to come for a sleepover on Saturday night. And there was also the Hartiwood Food and Film Show to go to.

We’re here!

The Hartiwood food and film show is at Pretville in Hartbeespoort. Pretville was built as a film set for an Afrikaans movie called Pretville and is now like a theme park that people can visit. It is a place that looks like a small town in the olden days. The town has everything including a diner, a chemist, a cinema and a police station.  Outside the diner is a giant cut out of a burger. The shops at Pretville are all in 3D it is not just the front of the houses like most film sets.

Burger King

Once a year there is a food and film festival at Pretville. My mother is part of the organizing committee so most years I have to come along and stay the entire length of the festival. Sometimes I have a stall. I sell sweets. But this year I decided that I didn’t want to sell, just be a guest.

The festival was from five o’clock in the afternoon to ten o’clock at night.  Claudio arrived at my house at about four o’clock. We knew we had a bit of time before we had to go to the festival so we started to play Minecraft. My mum had gone to help set up really early but we said we would only go at after 5. But as soon as we started playing on my Xbox my dad called me and said that we needed to go. Apparently, my mum needed us to bring stuff she had forgotten. As soon as we were called to come to the car I could see it in Claudio’s eyes and I knew that it was in mine too. His eyes were saying ‘’Oh come on!’’.

We drove to the festival and as soon as we got there we could see that we weren’t the only early bird. There were what seemed to be hundreds of cars and the festival hadn’t even started yet. Eventually my dad managed to find a parking spot amongst all the cars. My dad had brought along a table because my mum had promised one of the stalls at the festival that they could borrow one of our tables.

Most of the stalls were food but there were some that were about helping good causes in Hartbeespoort. My teacher was running one of these stalls. Her stall was about a lot of good causes because she likes a lot of good causes. Because the day of the food festival was International Vulture Day she had vulture pictures to colour in. There are vultures in our area on the mountains and my teacher is involved with the vulture shelter and rehabilitation centre. You can see them circling sometimes. Because it was Arbor day she had sweets with her and if you answered a question about arbor day you would be given a sweet. Even if you didn’t know the answer she would whisper the answer and give you the sweet. She was handing out seeds for arbor day too. She was also doing stuff for the Roots and Shoots Foundation where you put plastic into a 2 litre coke bottle and this can be used as bricks to build stuff like chairs and tables. It is so recycling stuff can be useful.

They’re circling.

I liked the Tostato stall a lot. They live in Hartbeespoort and they are really good bread makers. Claudio and I had the bacon and cheese bread sticks. They are brilliant. They taste really good. We also bought chocolate croissant which we took home and ate for breakfast the next day. Actually we stayed up all night playing Minecraft so we ate them in the middle of the night.

Tostaliceous Tostado

Then we went to visit Just Morocco. They are called Just Morocco but they aren’t Just Morocco they do Moroccan and Indian food. We bought chicken samosas. I thought they were very tasty. I liked them a lot but Claudio’s mouth was burning!

Burn! TSS

Then we went to visit Tracy Nelwamondo’s stall. I know her from the Soweto Eat In. She was selling lovely things made out of Marula. We bought some marula oil – it is so good. Literally if you have a cut on your lip it is gone in 2 minutes. She was also selling great marula ice cream. Even the cone was made out of marula nuts.

Tracy the marula queen

Baeliceous baobab

My mum ate one of those ice creams and my dad drank 2 beers and stood in a loooonnnng queue for samosas they were very popular and he wasn’t smart like us – we bought ours early before there was a queue. He only decided he wanted when there were already a lot of people wanting them.

There were cool lollipops from the Lollipop League too. It sounds like the Justice League but for sugar.

There was great tea too from a company called Setsong.


We jolled around. Claudio bought some biltong for his mum. There was a wall where they had put paint brushes for everyone to sign their names. I put travel kid.  There was this lady who was dressed up as a dung beetle and she was pushing a golden ball that was supposed to look like dung. It was really cool.

I just wanna rolly,rolly

There were also musicians. And there were mimes. They were horrible. They get in your way and they stole Claudio’s cooldrink and then they slammed it into my stomach. Who knows maybe they thought they were funny but it was just weird. And not in a good way. Jason arrived (he had had to go to a family braai on the other side of the dam but he came back) so we all went around together trying to come up with a plan to assassinate the mimes. Then our friend Robyn arrived. So, we hung out with her too.

It only happens once a year but I would recommend the Hartiwood Food and Film Show to people who love good food and a lovely town to run around in.  And want to see a really cool giant dung beetle. And an excellent lollipop.

lollipop,lollipop oh loli,loli pop.

But you already know that don’t you.



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