Emalahleni meals on wheels

Recently I have been working hard for my grade 2 ballet exam. Usually we only have one class a week but Teacher Mariette has been taking me and my partner, Welne, twice a week so that we can be ready. The last lesson approached. After our final run through my teacher gave us each a bag of goodies and wished us well for the exam. My bag had a very delicious chocolate bar inside.


The exam was at the Methodist Church hall in Emalahleni. It was quite a long drive. My mum and my dad took the day off to come with me on the trip. My mum made us bacon sandwiches for the road.

It’s really good!

Just as we were about to leave my dad decided he had to fix the lights on the car. Why couldn’t he have done that last night????? Who knows. My mum got quite cross. Actually, she was very cross. She was worried we would be late. But then finally we were off. We drove and drove.

We're off

We’re off

And drove some more. Then we arrived. I changed into my kit and warmed up. We were given exam numbers I was 2 and Welne was 1. The exam went well. When I went in I wasn’t nervous because we were well prepared. There were no other boys but I didn’t mind. I wasn’t surprised. Boys should do ballet because it develops core muscle strength and also you get a lot of attention. It is like hitting gold.

Take it’s advice

We did it!

After the exam we went looking for something interesting to do. We googled Emalahleni and Witbank (the old name for the same place) but google didn’t suggest anything interesting so we just went towards the centre of town to see what there might be to see. We were just driving along when my mum ordered my dad to stop. I didn’t know what she was so excited about but she took me by the hand and made me walk across the street. There was a lot of traffic and hawkers and also stray cats running about. The shop that she had seen from the car window was selling Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs merchandise.

They had jackets that she totally adored. She kept searching until she found the jacket that she thought would be the perfect size for me. It was a tiny shop with a weird hole in the ceiling. There were clothes hanging up everywhere. Some were school uniforms. Some where football stuff. Boxes piled high, cats running in and out of boxes. They sold fireworks and toilet paper too.

Fireworks and jackets an unusual combination

After we bought the jacket we kept on looking for something to eat and drink. We looked and looked and stopped as soon as we found the Rendezvous Roadhouse. We were given menus and I decided that I would like the 300g ribs with chips and a coke. My dad had fried chicken and my mum had the bunny chow.  My dad got out of the car and tried on my new Orlando Pirates jacket. My mum and me nearly died of shame. We made him stop. Poor dad.

As soon as we were given our food we were off and we ate our food in the car. My ribs had a very nice sweetish sauce all over them and my chips were just right. They were fat and chunky and crisp on the outside but soft inside.


My dad said that his chicken was quite nice and the flesh wasn’t slimy, later I had a taste of them and I agreed. The fried crust was nicer than KFC but I thought not as good as Chicken Licken. I am a Chicken Licken freak. My mum said that her bunny chow was pretty good. I was curios about her bunny chow and said ‘’what kind of curry is it?’’ She had thought that I had said ‘’what type of bunny is it?’’ we all had a good laugh. I know bunny chow is not made of bunnies. I am not that stupid.

The drive back home was quite long but eventually we got there. I was told later that I had got a distinction which is 80-100%. I haven’t yet seen the actual exam mark sheet so I don’t know where in that range I got but my teacher had been told the category I came in so that was good. I was congratulated with another chocolate bar (this time my mum bought it but I chose the same brand as my teacher had given me at the last lesson because it was so good) and a Dr. Pepper which is my favourite.

This is what victory tastes like.

I would recommend Emalahleni to anyone who likes ballet, football jackets and great ribs. It is a long drive but if you get a distinction there will be a Dr Pepper and chocolate to reward you.

Oh yeah!

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    • My mum says that your sons chips and onion rings are better than rendezvous. I ate the onion rings that she brought home they were tasty!

  1. Hi Jos.
    Thank you for the lovely posts, they are so informative. You travelled far for your exams, hey! Dancing demands so much time, you are so blessed that your mom is always available to support your hobby. I guess going that far is a small price to pay for an outstanding exam mark. Congratulations!!

    I just need to note though that you bought a wrong soccer jacket😒 That’s for a wrong club, a yellow one (Kaizer Chiefs) would have looked good on you 😀.

  2. LEKKER LEKKER LEKKER, Josiah….!!!

    Congrats on your great marks. Thanks for the fun read. I always feel happy and bubbly after reading your blog. Was great having you at the workshop on Saturday. See you again soon!

  3. I loved this post! Reading your blog is an inspiration to myself and the Eglevsky
    Ballet. Keep creating great content, we continue to share to our followers and students who
    love it as well!

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