Burgers and the laws of physics

It is the school holidays. In previous holidays I have been very bored and have had nothing to do except lounge around and watch movies on the sofa and play Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Psttt. By the way I finished the game.

So, I said to my parents ‘this time it is going to be different.’ We looked on Jozikids website and I got them to book me a whole lot of activities to do in the holidays. One of them was a physics class. I really like physics because I am interested in the way scientific principles can be shown with real life examples. I think physics is really interesting because it is the principles of what makes everything possible. Pneumatics, gravity and that sort of stuff.

The class was in Craighall Park in Johannesburg and it was run by a lady called Ilona Greef at Fischertechnik South Africa. My friend Phemelo came with me. Ilona taught us all about potential and kinetic energy using a model in a sort of U shape at the centre there were 3 marble balls. At the top of the U there was another marble ball being held back by a small handle and that shows potential energy. When I pulled back the handle the potential energy was turned into kinetic energy and it went down the slope and hit the 3 balls. When it hit the kinetic energy was transferred from the moving ball into the stationary ball all the way along the balls until the 3rd stationary ball went up the slope and came back down and repeated this process so that the ball on the other side went back up. This shows transference of kinetic and potential energy. This experiment is called Newton’s Cradle. It was very fun.

It’s physics

Then we ate pancakes. They were very tasty. After the pancakes we did another experiment to show about forces of gravity.


We made paper jets and we got a single unfolded sheet of paper. We threw the jets and the unfolded paper at the same time and the paper just glided slowly to the floor whereas the jet because of its sharp point at the front could cut through the air and went much further. This shows air resistance – the point lets it cut through that. Then we made parachutes out of plastic bags. I made one shape and Phemelo made another to see which one would glide best. Mine worked better because it had more surface area to fill with air so it fell slower.

It’s flying!

Military grade jets

Then we looked at springs by making catapults and knocking down little plastic men- ca-paaaaaaaaaauwww.

Have mercy

Little bits of tin foil flew threw the air. Pauw. Pa Pauw. Pa Pauw. Down they fell. The energy is pushed into the leg of the catapault and when you let it go it is transferred into the tin foil ball which flies through the air and results in a confirmed kill of the little men. Ka Pauw. Paw, Paw. Pa. Pa. Paw. Enemy defeated you win. Science for the win.

Prepare to die.

After all the shooting and parachuting we were hungry so my mum took us to the Cheese Gourmet in Linden for lunch. There is a shop in the front and a restaurant at the back. The shop has over 100 different South African cheeses and lots of sauces and olives and cool cookies in shapes like worlds and angels and stuff. We ordered burgers. They were really good. The meat was juicy and very tasty. There were pickles and just the right amount sauce. We both agreed it was a great burger but there was a problem. No chips!!!! The burger at Cheese Gourmet comes with salad!! It is just nature that every burger in the world should come with chips everything else is a violation of the laws of physics. The potato and the meat work together to make a combination that is better than either chips or burgers on their own.


A salad doesn’t do that. It was a good salad but no salad can do what chips do to a burger. I think it is like the energy experiment we did. The energy from the chips hits the burger and pushes the taste up the slope into new heights. It doesn’t matter how posh a restaurant is I feel that burgers should always come with chippies. Case closed.

And when I got home I put my new knowledge to good use by making a pencil catapult with almond bullets.

It’s the end of the world!
Fischertechnik South Africa 082 3760394
Cheese Gourmet; cnr 3rd Avenue and 7th Street, Linden, Johannesburg. 011 888 5384

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  1. Burgers without chips? I completely agree. Shock! Horror! The softness of buns and the juiciness of burgers need, no demand, the accompanying crisp cruchiness of chips. Made from sweet potatoes if possible!

  2. Left home without breakfast and at 07.50 in the morning I am confronted with pancakes and a really jummy looking burger…….what a dilemma!!
    As no-one has yet commented about the scientific principles and experiments you have learned – well done for using your holidays to broaden your horizons rather than being a couch potato. The workshop you went to looks like a lot of fun!!

  3. Josiah…..! What a delightful read…..! It was great having you and Phemelo at the workshop! Have a good week, see you at the next workshop! Ilona & Bokka

  4. Lovely review Jos. You took us to the science class 🙂

    Jozi Kids is such a very helpful directory for holiday activities.
    You must have gotten lots of ideas for your next school science expo.

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