Fire wings and ice rides

I do latin dancing and my first partner was Phemelo Kgotle. Sadly, she moved to East London so we don’t dance together anymore but she came back for a visit and her mum took us to the movies at Menlyn Park Pretoria. It was the best day ever.

us dancing in 2016

Before we even got to the movies I had to do an interview on 702. I have put the podcast on the blog. I have been on the radio twice before and it was a lot easier this time because I wasn’t as nervous. They asked me questions about my blog.

waiting for my interview

After the interview we watched Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom in 4DX. This is where you have 3D glasses but also the chairs literally move around and there are special effects so it feels like you are really there in the movie. They spray water when it is raining and when smoke is in the movie smoke comes and a smoke smell like a fire burning. It feels amazing because every time the dinosaurs stomp the chair rattles. It was my first time at 4DX and was the best ever.After the movie we played in the posters for upcoming movies

Save us

Afterwards we went on The Snow Epic ride. It is slope with fake snow on it – it is really ice not snow but they call it snow. Should be the Ice Epic. You get into a blown-up circle with a hole in the centre like a doughnut. Then you go to the top and the people push you down the hill of ice. It feels very scary the first time but afterwards it is easy. You get 45 minutes for R80.  The people pushing the doughnuts weren’t very nice to us. Probably because it was the last shift of the day and they wanted to go home. They hurried us ’come on, come on, come on.’ And they were a bit mean to us when we didn’t understand where to queue. It spoiled it slightly but we still enjoyed it.


Then we went up to the food court and picked something to eat. I chose Chicken Licken. Phemelo chose Burger King. I don’t remember what she ate but her meal came with a bottomless drink and at Burger King you get to serve yourself. All the different cool drinks are lined up so Phemelo mixed them all together like the mad scientist. Her mixture actually tasted quite good. It was like Pepsi but ten times stronger with added Fanta and Mountain Dew. We went back several times for different mixtures. She let me try the different combinations.

I ordered hot wings. They were very nice but they burned my mouth to bits. I like hot wings but I am used to the KFC ones which are much less hot. I would have them again because in actual fact when you start eating just keep eating and the burn sort of starts getting less. The crunchy batter to the chicken is actually really perfect – Chicken Licken is my favourite fast food. It is better than KFC because the chicken at KFC tastes slimy. The Chicken Licken batter is much crisper and less oily. The only thing that is better at KFC is the queuing. At Chicken Licken everyone is in a big bunch and you think you will miss your order when they call your number.


I would recommend Menlyn 4DX to anyone who likes action films.  I would recommend Chicken Licken to anyone who likes spicy, crunchy wings and has a friend with a bottomless drink who will share if it all gets too much.

Broom broom

And when I got home my cat Baby Chum Chum was waiting for me on the sofa.

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  1. Wow! You guys had fun! Envy you.
    Now you gave me the Chicken Licken crave, it wont go away until I get my teeth into those wings. Thx for your ever informative stories Josiah

    • The wings are so good. We need a Chicken Licken in Hartbeespoort. There is one in Brits but it is too far and always very full.

  2. Josiah your posts are brilliant. I’ve loved them all, Am definitely taking my children to the Ice slope. and I agree about KFC – it can be very very slimy.

    • remember to go earlier in the day. by the end of the day the men who help you at the Ice Slope are not very patient.

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