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Fun with the Thermomix

A lady called Alice read my blog and contacted me. She said would I try out her Thermomix machine and write a blog about it. She said she would pay me R300 to say what I thought about it. I was very excited. I wanted to buy an extra Nerf gun and this would be just the right amount. I have earned money before when I had a sweet stall at a food festival but this was a long time ago so I needed to earn more. My mum asked her friend who knows about blogs who said it is okay to do paid reviews as long as you say that this is what happened and that you can say what you really think. Alice said I could say whatever I liked and she wouldn’t mind. So I said yes. I am really glad I did because it was cool.

I’ll take this off you’re hands now.

Alice sent someone called Helene to my house to show me the machine. It is really cool. It is a machine that can do a whole lot of features in one. It can weigh, chop, steam, blend, whip stuff, cook and stir. And a whole lot of other stuff. It has a digital chip and this chip has a whole book of recipes on it. So the machine can give you the recipe, weigh the ingredients and tell you how long to cook them for and then cook them. Taaa daaaaar! It is like magic. Or a space shuttle.

There’s a book in here.

I thought it was amazing because it is so compact for a thing that does so many things. Helene showed me how to use the Thermomix. We made bread rolls, soup, chicken with vegetables and sorbet. It was lemon sorbet because Helene had read my blog and knew that I am a lemon guy. If you are not a lemon guy you can make other flavours.

I loved the smells that came out of the Thermomix. Even the smells are enough to fill you up but eating it is much better than you can ever imagine. I liked pressing the buttons. I loved twisting the knob that controls the speed and the time and the temperature.

When do I get to press the buttons.

If you want to you can go away and it will call you when it is done. There is a problem I think because you can’t adjust the volume of the sound. If I want to go upstairs and play games on my xbox I might not hear it calling me. I play loud games like Red Dead Redemption so I might not hear the Thermomix.

I loved the sorbet. I put in 4 pieces of lemon and one orange to give it a bit of sweetness and a piece of mint to give it that essential green taste. I weighed the sugar and put in an egg white and ice cubes.

Here’s what goes in…

When it was grinding it sounded like a broken electric pencil sharpener. It wizzed away for 2 minutes. I so want a thermomix so I can literally have my mum inside a machine to tell me what to do when I am cooking it is like the best bit of my mum. Just her cooking side. Not the side that makes me do my Kumon maths homework. In 2 minutes I had sorbet it was really easy and really nice. So lemony. Miraculous.

Here’s what comes out.

Then we made bread rolls. We made the dough in the Thermomix. The machine can knead dough. Then we made long sausage shapes with the dough and we knotted them. Helene showed me how to make then look like little birds. She put a fork on the end to make tails and pinched the tops to make beaks. The fat ones looked more like a brachciosauri dinosaurs than birds. There was one very fat one that looked like a turkey. Then we put seeds on them and let them rest and then into the oven. They tasted great. Delicious.

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We made a soup by chopping onions – the Thermomix can chop. Then it cooked them and then we added stock and vegetables. We put the chicken and a whole lot of vegetables to steam on top of the cooking soup in something called the veroma. In 25 minutes it was ready to eat. It all cooked on top of each other. Helene showed me how it can even wash itself up!

Yummy !!!

I was so inspired by the Thermomix that I decided to make a version 1 of a Thermomix in Minecraft. There are more to be built and it will get more sophisticated but so far I have item frames that show the raw ingredients and I have buttons. When you hit the buttons they activate a redstone signal into a dropper which drops the raw ingredient into a hopper which leads into a furnace that already has coal in it and it will start to cook. Sadly there aren’t many ingredients available in Minecraft – only raw meat and potatoes and beetroot. You can also make pumpkin pie and mushroom stew. I have enough pumpkins in my house in Survival World that I could live on pumpkin pie made in my Minecraft Thermomix.

Thermomix v1. in action.

Pick your ingredients.

It is quite a lot of money. It costs R19 999. I really want one but I only get R400 a month and I have to buy everything with it. And I am in debt because I bought so many Nerf guns but I am hoping that my mum will take pity on me and buy one.  For those who love cooking and have a really nice and rich mum the Thermomix is for you. Thank you Alice and Helene for giving me such a cool day. I am going to go off and eat some more sorbet now and work on my Minecraft Thermomix design.

Me and Helene.

web: Thermomix South Africa
Tel: 011 974 1171

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  1. Only if I were rich Jos, I would definitely buy the Thermomix so to get Phemelo to make soup when I’m sick😀. I think it’s worth saving up for.
    The bread rolls looks so delicious.

    Didn’t you get to keep one Thermomix for demonstration, Jos? Perhaps you can organize one during winter holidays so you can demonstrate to us, what do you think?

  2. What a great review. I, too, wish I could have one of these machines, but the cost is prohibitive. I hope you’ve got your new Nerf gun, Jos!

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