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Lovely lemon cakes

A nice lady called Sonel Venter read my blog and found out that I love lemon. She is a baker from a company called Tostato. She gave me a box with 4 lemon pound cakes in it. They were lemonicious. I had never had lemon pound cake before. I thought that they were very tasty. Perfect amount of lemon. They were moist because the lemon syrup went all the way through. I was so pleased that she had brought them.

Then my dad tried to steal one. He said ‘you have to give me one’ I said ‘no way jose!’ Then we had an epic battle. I was really quite cross that he was trying to steal what was rightfully mine. I was happily watching The Arrow and eating my pound cakes – I had got the dvd of The Arrow as my holiday treat. It is a great programme about a vigilante with a bow and arrow. I like the fight the scenes so I had inspiration when my dad tried to take what was mine. I sprang into action and I won the battle of the lemon pound cakes.

nom nom

take my lemon cake I kill you

In the end I did give him about half of one because I ate 3 and a half very quickly and that is a lot of lemon pound cake. So much that I felt a bit sick. So he got lucky. Because they are really good.

If other people want to try these lemon pound cakes they can go to the Tostato stall at the Jasmyn market in Hartbeespoort. I would recommend them to people who love lemon and people who need something to eat while watching dvds and me. If you see me at the Tostato stall it is possible that you will have to fight me for the lemon pound cakes but she also sells very nice chocolate croissant and great rye bread so I might not fight you if I am in a croissant mood that day.
Thank you to Sonel for the lovely cakes.


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  1. Isandlwana, Spionkop, Blood River……. and now; The Battle of the Pound Cakes. Epic, heroic stuff. I’ll always make sure you’re not croissant before I speak to you Josiah.

  2. Hi Josiah! We are starting our early morning bake right now and with my first morning coffee I get to read such a beautiful review. Thank you so much for your kind words. You made my day! 🙂

  3. So lucky! My daughter is mad for lemon too. She loves lemon poppy seed cake, lemon drizzle cake and lemon meringue. I love Madeira loaf. I think your pound cakes might be a meeting of the minds.

  4. My taste buds are watering at the sight of the beautiful lemon pound cakes – there is nothing nicer that that sweet lemony flavour with a cup of hot tea……….. Enjoy and thank you for sharing the source of such delights.

  5. Great new post! I now have total lemon pound cake jealousy because i strongly suspect that mine aren’t as nice as these. they definitely aren’t as beautiful. you’ve inspired me to make mine more delicious and more good looking, so thank you.

  6. Hi Jos.

    Those look yummy. So, you didn’t spare your dad a tiny little piece to taste? Uyancishana (that’s your homework to find the meaning of this word)

    • i cant find it in the dictionary or on line. Can I ask people or is it too rude to ask? Will they think I am saying bad things to them? Love Josiah.

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