Breakfast at the culinary equipment company

I went to the Culinary Equipment Company in Lanseria for breakfast. As we were driving there I did my maths homework (it was equations)

It’s complicated

But then my mum shouted ‘look! Look!’ and when I did there were three warthogs (a mum, a dad and a teenager) by the side of the road. They were eating scraps and bits of rubbish and didn’t seem to even notice that I took their picture.

Have a nice day .

The Culinary Equipment Company looks very boring from the outside. It is a big warehouse with a lot of trucks outside. It is right next to Lanseria airport so there were planes flying overhead. I wasn’t worried because I have been there before and I know that inside is very cool but if you hadn’t been there you might think it was not good and not bother to go inside. The secret is you must persevere.

I guess we’re in Lanseria

Inside is brilliant. I didn’t have it this time but it is the best place for roast chicken and mashed potato.
When you first get inside you find a very fancy shop selling kitchen equipment. Then if you walk through that shop you get to the restaurant. There are tables inside and out. Usually we sit outside but today I wanted to use my ipad and my mum wanted to be able to type on her computer so we sat next to a plug point inside.

Please be seated

I asked for the wifi code and then I had a great hot chocolate (with cream on the top) while I watched youtube videos of Dantdm on the ipad. Don’t worry I wore my headphones so no one else was bothered. Damtdm does mod showcases and walkthroughs and I get lots of inspiration for the minecraft builds that I do by watching him. Plus he has pug dogs and I really want a pug. Today I watched Roblox.


My mum had an orange juice with spices in it that came with a wooden straw. It was cool – I have never seen a wooden straw before – it is wider inside than a normal plastic straw so the bits in a juice don’t get stuck.


We shared something called a breakfast smorgasbord. One of my subscribers said in the comments section last time that she would like prices so I am going to add them from now on. The breakfast smorgasbord was R89. It was big enough for me and my mum to share. It had croissants and fruit and cheeses and cold meats and jams.


There was also a boiled egg. The good news is that the waitress listened to me and did the egg the way I wanted it. Often if I say I want my egg hard boiled people think I don’t mean hard, hard, hard. They bring an egg that is still too soft for my tastes. I know most grownups like an egg medium or soft but I don’t so it was really nice that they brought me exactly what I asked for. It was delicious.

Just like I want it

The croissants were flaky. The cheese was a bit strong for me but my mum ate it. I loved the hams and salamis – because of listeria most places are not selling ham at the moment so I haven’t had it in ages. The meat at Culinary Equipment Company comes from free range animals and it isn’t processed in a factory so it is safe.

Thank you for my egg

I went into the garden which is really good. The chickens that laid my egg are in the back and I said thank you to them for my breakfast. There are beautiful tasty plants too. Most of the vegetables and fruit on the menu come from the garden. It is very nice just to walk and sniff the herbs . My mum showed me a plant that when you rub its leaves it smells like beautiful lemons.



After that we went into the shop section and bought sausages to take home. They make really good sausages.

So many choices

I would recommend the Culinary Equipment Company to anyone who likes to be able to meet the chicken who made their egg.

Good to know .

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  1. Thanks for the review. I have always wondered about that shop inside the warehouse! Will definitely pay the chickens a visit sometime soon 🙂

  2. hi Josiah,
    I must agree with you, the culinary equipment place is one of my favorites! I am a chef, so I really spent most of my time in the fancy equipment side! I love the fact that they have wooden straws! That is so much better for the environment than plastic! Thank you for recommending the roast chicken. Will have to try it!

  3. I have often driven past the Culinary Equipment Company on my way to Lanseria, needing to catch a plane in a hurry. I had absolutely no idea there was a restaurant inside. Next time, I will leave some time to explore.

  4. Lovely post Jos. I’ve never heard of an orange juice with spices…I’m salivating. I always drive past the Culinary Equipment Company, escaping the temptation of blowing my credit card on the beautiful kitchen utensils. I will go in next time and when my husband asks me about my credit card, I’ll send him to you. Is that a deal?

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