Noodles for the Birthday boy

It was my dad’s birthday on April 18th. I didn’t have a lot of money left from my pocket money. I actually owe money because I bought two Nerf guns. I am not sorry I bought two because they are great for having epic fights when friends come to my house. They shoot really far. […]

Product review

Lovely lemon cakes

A nice lady called Sonel Venter read my blog and found out that I love lemon. She is a baker from a company called Tostato. She gave me a box with 4 lemon pound cakes in it. They were lemonicious. I had never had lemon pound cake before. I thought that they were very tasty. […]


Wakanda comes to Epicure

I love the movie Black Panther. I have seen it twice. The first time with my friend Natasha Ramodisa was about a month ago when it first came out and then last week I begged my mum to take me again. This is not even a lot. My friend Dumi has seen it 3 times. […]