A treat at Bicccs

I went to the orthodontist on the last day of school. I have had braces for almost a year and they are coming off in June. As a treat we went to BICCCS when I was done with the orthodontist. BICCCS is in Waterkloof Heights in Pretoria. BICCCS stands for Bread, Ice cream, Cake, Croissant, Coffee and Sandwiches.

There are couches outside where you can sit and you sort of feel like you are at the beach – you can lie back and pretend that the car park is like a sea.
They make great pizza and proper Italian ice cream called gelato. They also sell this really good Italian lemonade called limonata. I love lemons. Sour is my best flavour so I love limonata.

Sour I love that

It sounds like a long way to go to get pizza and lemonade but it is worth it because the tastes are so good. I think the sign of a good pizza is if all the toppings come off the base is still great tasting.

Looks delicious

At BICCCS the bases of the pizzas are bubblishious and crisp. I had olives, ham and mushroons on my pizza. The olives on the pizza were so shiny that I could see my face reflected in them!


The only problem at BICCCS is that the toilets are really hard to find. They are in the next door building up the starirs, then along a corridor and just before the glass doors you find them. This is quite a problem. This time nice people helped me find them but it is complicated. Getting lost is quite scary.


Other than the toilets it is a great place for people to go and I would recommend it to anyone who has just finished at the orthodontist and loves pizza and limonata.

Bicccs territory

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  1. That pizza looks sooooo delicious. Thank you for writing a review that looks at good and bad stuff. The information on the toilets is very

  2. Top review! Honest, accurate and personal. Bravo Josh! And your pic of the olive is unusual and striking.
    If I might make two suggestions for your next review: could you add the street address, and also the price…

  3. Wish I were still living in our house in Brooklyn Pretoria, then I could also try the leminata, pizza and ice cream for desert!

  4. Hi Josh, your description of the delicious pizza is making my mouth water! You are so gifted as you write beautifully. Your sense of humor is great. I never thought that an olive in a dish can be viewed in the way that you have. You have got me thinking very differently about food on the plate! Keep it up. Looking forward to the next post.

  5. Hi Josh, your description of our delicious pizzas is making us proud please come and have your next Gelato on us,


    BICCCS Management

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