Fun at Forti’s

I was in Menlyn in Pretoria because I went to Bounce with my friend Claudio. Bounce is an amazing trampoline park and I got Bounce classes from my parents as a birthday gift. So at the moment I go every Sunday. It was cool but I don’t want to give it too much publicity because recently it has been very crowded and it is my favourite place. All I will say is that me and friend Claudio won several dodge ball games and spent two hours there.

After we had jumped for two hours we went to restaurant called Fortis Grill and Bar which is close by.

The view from the restaurant is fantastic. It is on the top floor of a tall building and you can see cars, scooters and much more. We sat on table at the edge of the balcony and played game where you get points for finding certain cars. It was based on a colour system – purple cars got the most points. Mini Coopers got more points than other sorts of cars too. There is WIFI at the restaurant and I brought my ipad and we watched Grand Theft Auto 5 video fails. But we sat outside, far from other people and my mum made us wear the headphones.

I felt like eating my favourite thing – pasta with lemon and parmesan so that is what I had. My taste buds are immune to lemon and the thought of it makes them quiver with happiness. It was very delicious parmesan. Often when I ask for this people in restaurants don’t listen and they insist on putting olive oil or butter on the pasta but I don’t want that. One of the things that is great about Fortis Grill and Bar is that they bring you what you ask for.

My mum took this

I did actually also eat some ravioli stuffed with lamb too. That was great but very filling. After the lemon pasta my belly felt like bursting. Especially since they make really nice bread and I had eaten quite a lot of that too.

Ravishing Ravioli

Bread – Claudio took a loaf home for his mum

Claudio had spaghetti Bolognaise which you can see from the photos that he really enjoyed. He took some home for his dad (who is Italian) and his dad said it tasted like it does in Italy.

My mum had prawns.

Yup they serve that

It is really good to go there because the chef Fortunato is very friendly and so are the waiters. They listen to kids and don’t treat them like they don’t know what they want. When I explained how I wanted it and that people often don’t do it how I like chef Giovanni who is Fortunato’s dad said ‘you must always have it the way you want it. You say and we will do.’ They even let us go into the kitchen to see the food being made.

Smells delicious

I loved my post Bounce treat. I would recommend Fortis Grill and Bar to anyone who doesn’t have a trampoline at home and who likes good food.


Forti Grill and Bar
Time Square, 209 Aramist Avenue, Menlyn, Pretoria
Phone 012 003 6180

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  1. Josiah, what a lovely, honest review. I find your approach very refreshing. I agree with you, you must ALWAYS get what you want, otherwise what’s the point. I’m going to take your recommendations to try Bounce and also to get Chef Forti to make me what sounds like a delicious pasta with lemon and Parmesan. Thank you for you advise and I look forwar to your next review!

  2. Sounds like an amazing fun time and you definitely earned the pasta the way you like it. A wonder, fun day had by all it seems and definitely a place worth a visit.

  3. Wow Josiah! What an amazing review you wrote for Forti. I agree with everything you say. His food and his restaurant I just the best ever! I also live loads of proper Parmigiano on my pasta. I’m so glad you had such fun and I’ll keep your secret about Bounce, although I would love to come and try that too. Looking forward to reading more of your great reviews!

  4. Thank you for your amazing review Josiah. You will always get what you feel like here because our aim is that every customer leaves happy. I hope to see you very soon again.

  5. Wonderful review of a wonderful restaurant. So refreshing to read honest comments from someone who enjoys the entire experience and who doesn’t fixate in trying to be cleaver with fancy words and ingredients. The best food is good food with honest flavors, just like the best food writers.

  6. Josiah, great blog. Maybe one day people will be giving reviews of Josiah’s Cyber Cafe and Grill? You have a palate and pen at your command, indulge them to your hearts content!!!

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