Midmar Mile Adventure

This year I decided to swim the Midmar Mile. It is a very big open water swim in a dam in Kwa Zulu Natal. I was a tiny bit nervous before the race but not very because I thought I have trained and I can do this. I had done the distance in a pool and I had done other open water swims so I thought I can do this.

I can do this !










What I didn’t know is that it is much longer than any open water swim that I have ever done before! And that the wind blows you off course. When I got into the swim I was surprised at how very difficult it was! There is a cut off at half way and I only just made it – by 30 seconds!

What was that ?









While I was swimming I thought about what would happen if I asked to be pulled out by the life guards and what I would have for lunch. I got very hungry while I was swimming. I thought I don’t want to quit, I don’t want to quit, I don’t want to quit!!!!! There are lots of life guards and they will take you out of the water if you ask them to but I knew that I was so stubborn that I wasn’t going to get out if it killed me. I thought about the pasta with lemon and parmesan that I wanted to have when I was done with the swimming. There were many points when I thought I wouldn’t make it. I thought they might pull me out because I was struggling. When I finally made it to the end I felt that I had completed a big obstacle and I immediately thought I don’t have to do this again until next year.

I did it .

Sounds tasty !










We went to a restaurant called The Lemon Tree Bistro in Underberg. It was very pleasant. The food was lovely. They had nice simple things like soups and stews and pies and chocolate cake. They also had a grey cat which had a lot of catitude! My mum had pork with mashed potato and crackling. My dad had a steak and kidney pie. I had the pasta I had dreamt of while I was swimming but also a spectacular chocolate cake. My mum had swum Midmar with me and she was also very tired so she ate a lot of my cake. I was too tired to complain a lot.

My mum appreciated the craft beer

I earned this!

That’s catitude!










I earned this !













Then we went to The Shed which is a campsite and self catering venue in the Drakensburg. There was a very friendly dog.

Nearly there .

Who are these people ?










There were also chickens and a climbing frame. My dad and I set up the tent – it was wonderful and homelike.

My tent my rules










It is a nice place to camp because there is also a kitchen place where you can make cups of tea and there is a toilet and a pool table. We had sausages over a fire for supper and I played pool by myself a bit but mainly I read my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


I need my concentration .










The next day my dad realised that he had lost his glasses and we had to go back to the restaurant to find them. While he was looking my mum and I found a little shop that sold beautiful BaSotho blankets. We bought one with aeroplanes on it.

Comfy !

I finished the Harry Potter book on the drive home and soon as I got home I watched the movie. I got given all the movies as a box set for Christmas by my friend Phemelo’s mum but my mum says that I have to finish each book before I can watch the film.
To anyone planning on swimming Midmar next year remember that it is a very tiring race but very satisfying once you are done. The Shed is a cool place to go afterwards. I wish you good luck with your swim…

Start training early .

The Shed, Underberg, KZN. Contact: 082 568 6730

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  1. Well done Jos. You are very courageous and strong boy, great inspiration to many. A good narrator as well. Next year will be better than this year, Keep going.

  2. Amazing to swim sp far. That cat definately has catitude. The dog is so funny. They are like odie and Garfield

  3. Hi Josiah, wow what a great achievement. I’m so happy you didn’t give up. I especially love the yummy food you that kept you going. I love your blog.


  4. Clare and I can see you had your priorities right. I dream about pasta with lemon and parmesan even when I am not swimming. And we were sorry that your Mum nicked so much chocolate cake, but hey, what are Mum’s for? This is an excellent review, and makes us feel we were there with you. We look forward to your next adventure. Eamon & Clare. P.S. You write very well. Keep up the good work!

  5. Josiah, what a wonderful read. You did so well and congrats on sticking to this and getting through this very difficult swim. I have done this swim many times in my youth. I wish you all the very best- please do come and visit us when you are next in this area- we are so close to Midmar. Keep writing , I look forward to reading your next post. And I will be sure to check out your recommendations when I’m the area. Cheerio for now

  6. Well done on completing the swim; it is a remarkable achievement and very inspiring. You are very brave and determined. I can’t wait to see what your next success will be.

  7. Well done champ! Midmar is quite an achievement. Has the open water bug bitten? I love all the Meander spots in the area – best food and lovely gifts and when you older….. good beer ♡♡♡

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