Fern Hill Hotel

The first thing you need to know is that Fern Hill has great chocolate treats on the pillows. I got Lindt milk chocolate, a chocolate bear and vanilla marshmallows. All on one pillow!

Chocolate on the pillow

Where they keep the tea they had pink macaroons with raspberry filling, lovely mince pies and biscotti. The mince pies tasted wonderful. Very tasty indeed. I don’t like biscotti but my mum does and she said that they were very good.

Mince pies

I had trouble getting the television to work but when I called for assistance a nice lady came instantly. She couldn’t fix it but she got another person and he could. I watched a lot of Top Gear and quite a lot of Strictly Come Dancing. They have a pool and a tennis court but I didn’t go into them. I was tired after a long drive and so I was happy with Top Gear.

The restaurant at the hotel is called The Snooty Fox. They have wonderful food but if kids just want something simple they are willing to make changes to dishes according to your desires. I only wanted plain pasta so that is what they gave me. My mum had pork belly with apple sauce. After that we shared a dessert which was dehydrated chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream and chocolate shards with raspberries. I thought it was very nice. I had never tasted dehydrated chocolate mousse but it tasted lovely. Sort of like a biscuit. Apparently it is a very KZN thing because we also got it at Hartford House!


The pastry chef brought us really beautiful chocolates that she had made herself which looked like the universe itself. They were all sorts of swirly colours. There were also chocolates that looked like Nguni cows because they had little spots on them!

Universe chocolates

The chocolate dessert looked just like the pillows and chair covers in the room which were covered with Nguni skins.

Sleeping on nguni pillows

Lunch the next day was superb. We almost didn’t have lunch because we were about to go to a wedding and we thought we might be late but I am so glad we did because I had the best bacon sandwich that I have ever had. In my family it is a trend on trips to have bacon sandwiches so we have had a lot. None of them have ever tasted like this. The chips were great too.

Best ever bacon sandwich

My mum said that her Greek salad was very good too. She says most places don’t make them properly but that this place did.

Greek salad

I would recommend Fern Hill to anyone who likes chocolate bears on their pillow and really, really good bacon sandwiches.
Fern Hill Hotel, R103, Howick, KZN Midlands. 033 330 5071.

Frank was waiting for me when I got home.

I’m back

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  1. Wow. Sounds like another amazing place to stay. I think next time you go, you have to bring me back some of those yummy chocolates, as homework 😉 Not only are you inspiring me to travel (and eat lots of delicious food) but also to write my own blog too. I’m super proud of your effort. Keep it up. See you soon

    • Thank you for reading my blog and I am sure yours will be very interesting too . Love Josiah

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