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Mincemeat repurposing

Since the last time I wrote South Africa has been put back into lockdown level three because the Corona virus levels have sky rocketed. I am irritated and I want people to change their behaviour because otherwise the world isn’t going to get any better. I am an indoor person by nature so I have […]

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Space cocktails

I am sorry that I haven’t been writing much recently. The problem with living in lockdown is that not very much happens to you. That is if you are lucky. I am sure that you are aware that horrible things are happening but so far I have been lucky. I haven’t gone back to school […]

Korea, North West

Trip to Korea

I am sorry that I haven’t been posting that much during the lock down. I just haven’t been anywhere or done anything that is worth a blog. I hope you understand. This weekend I decided to take a trip to Korea. Just joking, we are still in lock down and can’t go anywhere but I […]


Travel on a chip

We have been in lockdown because of covid-19 for a month now and it has felt very different from everything that I am used to. We have been confined to our house and I have not been allowed to leave at all while my parents are only allowed to go out to get food. Even […]

North West

Last meal before lock down

As you probably know the president has ordered a lock down for 21 days to try and help to stop the spread of COVID-19. I had limited time before we would have to stay inside completely so I decided for my final free day I wanted to make something delicious from my favourite cookbook. As […]

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The KFC Challenge

My school has closed because of covid-19. They want us to stay at home so the disease doesn’t spread. It is very serious disease and the President is trying to keep South Africa healthy. I like staying at home. I have been reading the Hobbit and playing lots of Fortnite and doing my kumon. Yesterday […]

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Top Chippies and Tests

I am sorry that this is a short blog and I am also sorry that this month I haven’t posted so far. Apologies all round. The truth is that I have been very busy grade seveninging. Every week this month I have had a test that I have had to do. First English, then maths, […]